Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bathing away prejudice.....

Honeybun had some sort of dried brown yuck on her flank. She has an agility trial this weekend, and it would never do to have her looking like common riffraff.
"As long as you are giving her a bath, bathe Lucky too," I requested of Asherel.
Both dogs glared at me. They heard the dreaded word.

I think the entire character of the world can be summed up in how our dogs approached their respective bath. There are two basic kinds of people and our dogs varying response to the dreaded bath was an example of each kind. Neither dog was happy with the circumstances being foisted upon them, and neither was in control. But they responded quite differently.

Lucky, who believes that he should be in control and fights for control in often underhanded and devious ways, spent the entire time trying to run away. He was vocal about his displeasure. As soon as the bath was over, he raced outside and rolled on the ground, covering his so recently clean fur with mud and grass.

Honeybun who will take control if she must but is much happier having someone else paying the bills and making the meals, followed meekly to her fate with a resigned look on her face. While she didn't love it, she acquiesced silently, her ears flat on her head, her gentle demeanor submissive and accepting. When done, she wagged her tail, and shook, and politely trotted back to her bed to dry off.

Lucky held a grudge all day. Honeybun asked if there was anything else she could do to make our lives more pleasant. Lucky made sure that he stood right next to me when he shook the water like a wringer dryer all over me. Honeybun went outside on the deck, and let the sun fluff and dry her coat.

I want to be a Honeybun. I admire and long to have the sweet submissive, accepting nature of a Honeybun. But I fear I am a Lucky. I relinquish control grudgingly, I fight and rail against inevitable circumstances. I look for ways to express my displeasure so I won't be put upon too often by the ignoramuses that force me into uncomfortable situations.

But I was sad this morning...thinking of some issues that seem unresolvable. I was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, feeling weepy and hopeless, when the door creaked open. There stood Lucky, wagging his tail. He came and nudged his nose against me, and leaned into me, letting me pet him, transferring comfort in the only way he knew how. You just never know the kind of person....or non-person God might send in His stead. It is easy to think one kind is better than another.... but God made all kinds. Who would have thought that giving dogs a bath could be a lesson in how to love unconditionally?

Ephesians 4:2
Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

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