Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lessons From the Storm

I thought I had two hours before the rain hit, so I finished my chores and dashed out with my kayak yesterday morning. As I was about to get on the Interstate, the radio said there was torrential rain just north of me (where the river is), and flash floods all around, and the thunder storm should be hitting directly where I was right about....BOOM!!!!! FLASH! Rain! Thunder!

Oh well. I turned around and headed home.

It thundered and rained off and on the whole afternoon. I was stuck indoors, and alas, felt the best use of my time during the storm was to work on editing my new book. I am at a very hard part of editing. Despite the fact that I originally wrote many sections with great passion and conviction, I now have to cut away everything that doesn't propel the story forward. It is very hard for me to discern which parts are expendable. It is like cutting off a finger!

I suppose the storm was a fitting background to this process. When the storm rages, and the boat is driven to the shoals, the good captain throws all the dead weight overboard. Sometimes you must be willing to let go to move forward.

God spoke to Job from a storm. I have never quite understood the book of Job, but it seems that Job's peace with all that transpired at the hand of God came to him at last when God spoke to him....from the storm. No one likes storms, but it seems at times, they are necessary. Sometimes we don't really listen until it thunders.

Then the Lord spoke to Job from the storm: “Be strong, like a man! I will ask you questions, and you must answer me. Would you say that I am unfair? Would you blame me to make yourself look right? Are you as strong as God? Can your voice thunder like his? (Job 40:6-9 NIV)

-save a dog-

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