Saturday, July 30, 2011

Heaven Can Wait

Twelve hours in the car is a long time, but there is always something in the scenery that stays with me. As we headed home from visiting my parents, Arvo, my husband, and I took turns driving and snoozing. We tried to time it such that we did not do both simultaneously.

I was enthralled as always, by the rows and rows of blue mountains that ring the Shenandoah valley. As we drove the route that many civil war battlefields abut, I thought about what is worth dying for. And then a large double truck passed us. The back of the truck had a sign many of the trucks have- Please drive safely!  But under this truck's admonishment to drive safely was the logo of a casket company. The two trucks were filled with caskets. I glanced again at the safety sign. Beneath it in italics it reminded other drivers: Heaven Can Wait.

Sometimes. Sometimes it seems heaven can't wait. Sometimes the otherworldly grip is pulling very hard on those one would prefer that for now, it would leave alone. It is not that heaven is a bad place to be tugged into. There is no doubt in my mind it is a glorious place. There is just so much unfinished business here on earth. There are children to set on the right path, mistakes to try to make amends for, misunderstandings to be cleared, books to write, character to build, grandchildren to bounce on knees, broken hearts to heal, masterpieces to paint, jokes to finally get, unloved ones to love, and faith to fill souls that are broken. This is, of course, only a partial list. I didn't even mention finding the perfect haircut, or shoes that are both comfortable and beautiful. The problem is that while heaven can wait, it doesn't always do so.

We passed the casket truck with its cheery message as it struggled up the steep mountain. I found myself in prayer for a whole series of people that I want to drive safely through the tumultuous roads of life, for those that I hope heaven will open its arms to one day....but not yet!

Judges 6:18
And the LORD said, “I will wait until you return.

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