Monday, May 27, 2013

Bathing Suit Shopping

I entered hour 4 of bathing suit shopping with my teen, and thought that perhaps life was not as much fun as my blog yesterday might have suggested. This suit was too frilly, that one too patterned, or too stringy, or too tight, or too loose, or too pink, or too purple, or too black, or not shorts, or a skirt, or too revealing, or too modest or too...too!

Finally, at the last store, we found a suit that was a tad lower cut than I would've liked but given the number of blisters on my feet and the waning sun, it would do. While waiting for her to try on the winning Suit #3,054, I had logged into the store internet on my smart phone. I got a notice that congratulations, I would get a special 15% off! But then, when I went to check out, I could not find that notice anymore. I explained to the cashier that I had been promised 15% off, but could no longer find the message.
"Don't worry," she told me, "I will give you 15 % off."

WELL, maybe life *is* as fun as my blog yesterday might have suggested. Meanwhile, I bought my teen Cinnabon bits, and tried not to scream at all while she drove to ten, yes ten, different stores. I bought her the sandals she really wanted, and smiled when she said, "Ick", as I pointed out a cute bathing suit that I would have gladly owned. And then, I suggested we play Super Smash Brothers after dinner. I just push buttons never knowing what effect it has at all on my video character, but I know that soon, too soon, she will be walking out the door to college. Will she remember fondly the bathing suit trek, the Cinnabon bits shared with her mother, the video games with lame parents that only tried because they loved her so much? I hope so. I know I will.

They drink their fill of the abundance of Your house; And You give them to drink of the river of Your delights. (Psalms 36:8 NASB)

-save a dog-

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