Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to Cope with Tomorrow

I'm so happy I could skip rope. My temporary crown was replaced yesterday with a permanent one. I didn't pass out from fright, or pain, or even hunger. The novacaine wore off around 2:00, so I ate a late lunch. I had been a little concerned about the whole thing. I don't know many people who love having work done on their teeth, and I seem to have particularly touchy teeth nerves. But my dentist is a master at administering the numbing shot with almost no pain. Oh happy day! I had worried for naught.

The assistant was chatting with me before the dentist came in. She told me about caring for her 95 year old mother having learned of my own mother-in-law's recent passing. She said she had never thought she could do all that she was called upon to do, but somehow, "You do what you have to, and it all somehow works out."
"That is often true," I said, "I do try to remind myself not to borrow trouble from tomorrow. Today has enough of its own."
"We weren't sure we could do it," said the assistant, "But we just did what we had to when we had to."
"Just handle what you need to for now," I added.
"That's right," she said.

What wonderful sage advice emerged from the dental visit. It was *almost* a blessing to have my crown taken care of. And I thought of her advice as the crown was being put on and off, tinkered with, and the horrible whine of the drill threatened to undo my calm. It seemed no time at all that the dentist said, "That's it!"
"I'm done!?" I asked.
"All finished," he said.
"Well that was not bad at all! Much better than I expected," I said, smiling at the assistant, who knew she had given me more than just a message about how to care for an elderly mother.

"So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (Matthew 6:34 NASB)

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