Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Privileged Sustenance

"I could do that," said Karissa, pointing to one of the modern art paintings at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art in Charlotte.
And I, a fine arts major, had to agree. She probably could have.
In the end, there is a lot of abstract art that does look like a 5 year old did it.
What is art? What makes it fine art? This is harder to answer than you might think. I told them to look for design, balance, color harmony, texture, among other attributes that work together to create 'art'. Great art transforms how we view the world. We see it in a way me might not have seen it otherwise.

It was a wonderful trip with my family to see the special exhibit with some of my favorites - Miro, Giacometti, Corbusier, Leger, Calder. We were given audio phones to listen to an expert tell us why some of this stuff could NOT have been done by a five year old.

Matt and Karissa had just been in Miami for their vacation before Matt starts life as a lawyer, and Karissa returns to her last year of law school. They had visited several art galleries and while meandering through one, Matt wrote on his Facebook page, "Modern art is confusing."
I wrote back, "Some, like Matisse, explored what was the minimal line that could still convey the essence of an idea."

Matthias replied, "This modern artist made a paper mache lamb chop and said it was a commentary on 'mortality and spoilage, with a vigorous promise of sexuality.' That's a quote. He also used the term 'privileged sustenance' somewhere."

"Well he's just a nutcase," I wrote.

But that probably isn't fair. Maybe the lamb chop artist was on to something we just didn't get, couldn't see, hadn't opened our minds to. I know some people think I am just a nutcase because I believe the Bible is true. Some people automatically assume I am stupid because I don't believe life 'just happened', but that all evidence points to a Creator. Some people think that finding 'privileged sustenance' in faith is nuttier than finding it in a paper mache lamb chop, but of the two, I'd rather trust in faith.


But piety with contentment is great gain. For we have brought nothing into the world: it is manifest that neither can we carry anything out. But having sustenance and covering, we will be content with these. Strive earnestly in the good conflict of faith. Lay hold of eternal life, to which thou hast been called, and hast confessed the good confession before many witnesses. (1 Timothy 6:6-8, 12 DARBY)

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