Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pro Choice as Long as the Choice is Abortion

Cities4Life counselor Liz who brings her adorable son to the sidewalks each week to advocate for the unborn

The wonderful truth of standing on the sidewalks of the local abortion center is that we do not need to be afraid that we won't know what to say. We  won't. No one does. Except God. And I promise you, God is enough.

This past week, the "pro-choice" crowd has decided that when we speak on the microphone or even call out to the women with no amplification, they will block our sound with pornographic music and "comedy" routines that make fun of people of faith. They are "pro-choice" as long as the choice is abortion.

I was speaking with a woman weeping in the parking lot because she didn't want to abort. The security guard came to her and told her she could talk with us if she wanted, but she couldn't park in their parking lot. Compassion for the women just oozes out of that abortion center, doesn't it?

Our volunteer we spotlight today was there as the "pro-choice" crowd spewed pornographic garbage over the sound system. Liz moved her ten-year-old son down the street where she could still minister and offer real choice and tangible help to the women without sacrificing the purity and sacred heart of her child.

Why? Why would she subject herself to this? She tells us in her own words. 

I stand on the side walk every week for two main reasons...First, I feel God has called me to do it.  From a young age God put this issue on my heart and for a long time I felt very frustrated and helpless...I mean, besides using my voice at the ballot box, what else could I do to make a difference?  Fast forward many years to last September when I finally found Jesus and was Saved. I felt like God was yelling at me through a bull horn, saying... DO SOMETHING! At the time, I had no idea of the amount of babies that were being murdered everyday, just 40 minutes down the road or that NC was home to the busiest abortion mill in the SE.

I woke up one Monday morning, yet again feeling frustrated and helpless ...I decided, I would just pray endlessly until God gave me my answer on, HOW I was supposed to DO SOMETHING! That following Sunday, I walked into church and right there in front of me was a Cities4life table! Thank you Jesus, I got my answer! I signed up and was ready to go very first day on the side walk I was so (unexpectedly) overcome with emotion. I cried, a LOT... I cried for the helpless babies, I cried for the hearts of the mothers fathers, I cried for the lost clinic workers..and after I left, I cried all the way home. I knew that day, that I was exactly where God wanted me to be.

My second reason for standing on the sidewalk is that I have seen the aftermath of abortion on the lives of friends whom I loved dearly, their lives, their relationships, their self worth..all forever changed and so my heart weeps for all those involved.
May my heart weep for what grieves Jesus and may it always motivate me, like it does Liz, to do all I can to incline others to Him.
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John 14:17

Even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you.


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  2. Wow. I'm disgusted at the ignorance this woman is passing down to her son.