Thursday, September 15, 2016

Are You Ready? Waiting with Purpose.

Since our house is on the market, every single day I have to be sure it is spotless. This is not as hard as it would be if we still had kids or dogs living at home, but it is still not easy. Not only must it be spotless, but it must be inviting. I need pillows neatly arranged on the bed and couches. All surfaces must be clear and clean. No crumbs or coffee stains on the counters. The disposal must not be upchucking like a water treatment retaining pool. Plants must be watered and all dead leaves pinched off. No dust bunnies or dead bugs can be lurking in corners. It must be ready for a visitor at any moment.

NOT an easy way to live.

It was time for me to head out for my radiation treatment. BUT FIRST, I had to go through every room and see if each one was perfect should a prospective buyer call and ask for a showing while I was out. I don't even leave to check on the mail without performing this ritual.

Radiation was a relief, a respite from the constant vigilance of good housekeeping! Fortunately, the hard part of radiation is done. I am now doing the 'boost' phase. I have four more days of targeted radiation on just the surgical scar. The rest of my fully cooked skin is now done being radiated, and as we speak, is on the road to recovery.

I had a fun extra bonus as the technicians were setting me up for the new 'boost' phase. The first session of each new phase takes longer than usual since the set-up must be perfect. So one of the techs was telling me about his one-day-I-will-write-this-book idea while we were waiting for the other techs to do whatever it is they had to do. He was stuck on one part of his plot development, so has never actually written a word. He wants to, but can't seem to get going on it. He feels his idea must be fully envisioned first.

"Tell me your idea," I said, as the other techs fiddled with the equipment and set-up. He told me his plot and it was very good. He did have one critical element not quite worked out. So I asked some questions, and soon, we had solved his plot problem! It will be a best-seller if he has any talent writing.

"Now just write it!" I said, "I expect a rough draft tomorrow."

No one came to visit my spotless house while I was being radiated. Nonetheless, it was nice to return to a completely clean and neat home. There is much to be said about being ready for any visitor at any time. I realized I was in a perpetual state of waiting. Waiting for a home buyer to appear. I had to be very busy while waiting however. I could not wait and twiddle my thumbs. I had to keep my home in perfect shape while waiting.

Similarly, while waiting for the radiation  people to finish the long set-up, my would-be-author technician friend knew the importance of waiting with purpose. He told me about his book idea, and we ended up having a very meaningful (and even spiritual) discussion as a result that may have spurred him on to action he hadn't yet known how to take.

Waiting with purpose.

The Bible says that we are to be in a state of continual readiness for the return of Jesus. He could show up at any time. None of us know the hour or the day. Will He find us prepared? Will we greet Him without shame or guilt because He will find us doing exactly what we should be doing? Or will there be dust bunnies of sin, or neglect, or maybe just wasted moments hiding in the corners of our lives? It is not easy to be in a perpetual state of readiness, but it is necessary.

Matthew 24:44 

Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.

Proverbs 20:4 

The sluggard does not plow in the autumn; he will seek at harvest and have nothing.

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