Monday, September 19, 2016

Exquisite Loveliness - Proof of God's Care

On my bike-ride yesterday, the fields lining the bike path were totally awash in beautiful yellow blooms. Yellow is the happiest color. How lavish a gift of joy God had spread across my journey! He has sprinkled beauty and delight all around -- verdant fields of wildflowers to perfume the way as we travel the bumpy trail. The road is often deeply rutted, sometimes we stumble...or worse (don't remind me as I clutch my broken rib), and yet, the flowers wave their yellow hats with a message of hope.

No one creates a world of such exquisite loveliness unless those who inhabit that world are deeply loved. The flowers proclaim the adoration of God and encourage me to stay the course. He is leading me Home in a profusion of blessings.


Psalm 26:3

For your steadfast love is before my eyes, and I walk in your faithfulness.

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