Monday, October 24, 2016

Do Not Be Deluded - God is Real

If you haven't seen The Atheist Delusion by Ray Comfort, it is free on YouTube. Just click HERE. I so strongly recommend it if you don't believe in the Christian God, or even in God at all. It is very thoughtfully, rationally, logically presented. Just remember, if God is real, and you don't know it, you may be in very big trouble for eternity.

Ray Comfort is brilliant, personable, and has a very effective approach to presenting the Gospel. I use his approach with the abortion-minded mamas I meet every Monday during my volunteering with Cities4Life on the sidewalks of the southeast's busiest abortion center. I have had the privilege of leading many people to faith.

I watched the movie yesterday, and found myself teary-eyed at the end as the real life 'atheists' he spoke with changed, and some even prayed to accept Jesus with him.
"How can you love me?" one man asked, "You don't even know me. I'm a stranger."
"Because I am a Christian, and you are made, like me, in the image of God."

I love the tormented women I will see today during my time on the sidewalks of the abortion center. I love them for exactly the reason Ray Comfort mentioned. We are all made in God's image. We are all struggling because none of us are perfectly good no matter how hard we try, and all of us fear death. Death will come to each of us, at a time we cannot determine. All of us are in danger of meeting our Creator with no defense for our sins unless we have accepted Jesus' atoning death on the cross as paying the penalty for our trespasses.

I pray God brings my team the conflicted women today whose hearts can still be turned to their babies, and to God. And I also pray for all of you who don't know God. Make some popcorn, and watch the movie.

Hebrews 3:15
As has just been said: "Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion."

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