Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ensure Justice For Those Being Crushed

One mama chose life yesterday at the abortion center. The driver, probably the boyfriend who we think was coercing the woman to abort, was very angry. He gunned his engine and blasted by us on his way out of the abortion center. Good thing we have quick reflexes. That was the expression of his gratitude for speaking on behalf of his baby. You're welcome, sir.

Not everyone is so thankless. The woman in the photo above was the friend of a pregnant woman she brought to the abortion center. She listened to Flip (on the microphone in the background) and was convicted that not only was her friend terribly wrong in aborting, but she herself shouldn't even be there in support of her friend.

"I did everything I knew to do to talk her out of it," she said.
"There is one more thing you could do," I told her. I gave her our literature and asked her to bring it in to her friend. She did so right away. After a long time, she returned.
"They wouldn't let me see her. I told them it was an emergency, but they refused."

We talked with her for some time. Tears dribbled from her eyes as she expressed how helpless she felt, wanting to support her friend but feeling what her friend was doing was wrong. When we finished talking with her, we gave her more literature she could share with her friend in case she went through with the abortion, telling her it would help her friend find healing. I told her my name and phone number was on the first page, and encouraged her to tell her friend to call me. Then, she asked if she could hug us, thanking us for being there and for speaking truth so boldly. She asked to pray with us. She may not have stopped her friend this time, but I bet she will stop the next woman who confides in her that she is considering abortion.

So many people misconstrue what the pro-life people do on the sidewalk. I guess I don't know what all pro-life groups do, but I do know what Cities4Life does. We do not condemn. We do not protest. We do not disparage. We speak words of hope and healing from the only source this can emanate from - God. We reach out with love to women who feel they have no options. We present truth and facts, and offer compassionate medical help and advice from trained professionals. We provide tangible help. We pray with them, and we weep for them...and with them.
Proverbs 31:8
Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.

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