Thursday, November 24, 2016

Grace Upon Grace - A Bountiful Reason for Thanks Giving

Yesterday, I was just about to head out kayaking with my sister Amy when I got a text from the mother of one of the mama's I work with who chose life over abortion. This Grandma lives a couple of hours away from my home, but I send her daily Bible verses, and have helped her daughter quite a bit since meeting her at the abortion center sidewalks.

"Miss Vicky, I am in terrible circumstances. I have no food, and no thanksgiving meal for me and my two kids."

Since they live so far away, it is difficult to help them, but Cities4Life , over the past year, did help get both families in to apartments, donated furniture, clothing, and basic supplies. Then we connected them with a local church in their area knowing we could not meet their needs, but hoped the church would stand in the gap. However, the church was not as willing to help as we had hoped, and now, the mama and her two children were desperate.

I didn't know what to do. First of all, I am on vacation. Second of all, I live two hours from that area, and have no contacts there. I put a plea for someone who lived in their area to help if possible, and contact me if anyone was willing. Then Amy and I went kayaking. Still, despite the joy of being back on my precious kayak with my precious sister with me, my heart was heavy for the mama and children with no Thanksgiving meal.

This was my third time kayaking since arriving here in Cocoa Beach. Each time, I kayaked two hours hunting for manatees, and thus far had not found any. But yesterday, it was a manatee bonanza! Manatees came right up to us, and we even got to see a mama and baby manatee. We kayaked for two and a half hours, enthralled with the plethora of manatees. One was right between my and Amy's boats, inches from us.

That dark bumpy grey blob is a manatee. At one point, he bumped my boat, and we saw his tail fluke as he submerged. One of the most exciting moments of my life.

And then, Amy glided slowly up to a manatee who suddenly submerged under the kayak, tipping her and surprising us both. Here is the video of that:

While we were rejoicing in this wonder of nature, my phone rang. It was my friend Danielle, a fellow Cities4Life counselor. She just happened to be in that city where the mama lives who needed the Thanksgiving dinner! She would be happy to shop and deliver the Thanksgiving feast. I sent her the money (from one of my generous donors) through Paypal, and she did grocery shopping and delivery of the feast along with other staples to the desperate family.

God sent us manatees, and angels of mercy. God is good.

John 1:16 

And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.

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  1. Glad you were able to see the manatees and thankful the family.