Friday, November 25, 2016

The Glorious Lord

Yesterday morning I received a text message from the mama who texted me at the last minute from a city two hours away to tell me she had no food. Cities4Life mobilized, and we got her a full Thanksgiving feast and staple groceries. Here is her text to me:

Wow. I can't tell you how blessed I felt knowing I helped point someone who had lost all hope in God back to God.

Next, a mama I work with texted me. She had chosen life over abortion months ago. We matched her yesterday with a family who will be providing Christmas gifts for her and her children. She asked me how the family knew she needed help. She told me she was broke, and she had warned her children she had no money for Christmas gifts. Then God's people stepped forward. Here is my response, and her text to me.

I quickly told her not me, God, but she was grateful God had used me, and Cities4Life to help her.
With that incredible blessing of having been part of such a wonderful service in the name of Christ, hubby, sister Amy, and I took off on our bikes to celebrate God's wonderful creation on Thanksgiving morning.

After a gorgeous twenty mile beach bike ride, Amy and I returned to the Banana River in our quest to find manatee and dolphin. We trailed several pairs of mama and baby manatees, though were unsuccessful finding any dolphins. It wasn't for lack of trying. We kayaked almost 7 miles!

It was a day filled with thankfulness. Everywhere I looked yesterday, God's light seemed to fill the scene.

Then this early morning, I awoke to a text of another family who would like to buy Christmas gifts for a mama I work with. My cup runneth over.

"The glorious Lord will be unto us a place of broad rivers and streams."
Isaiah 33:21