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With the looming issue of our access to the abortion center sidewalks being restricted, I have been consumed; first working on my speech to City Council Monday night, and now writing the City Council to correct misinformation presented by the pro-choice group during the City Council Citizen Forum. I have copied my letter below along with the email addresses of all our council members and mayor so all you pro-life friends can challenge Charlotte's attempts to put parking restrictions on a wide street, with sidewalks, and no traffic issues. This is an attempt by the pro-abortion crowd to shut us down because Cities4Life is so effective in cutting into their abortion profits. Our RV and we counselors park on the street right in front of the abortion center, and many lives are saved by that ready access to troubled and conflicted women. The No Parking zone would severely impede our ability to reach them where they most need us.

If this were truly an issue of safety due to parked cars, why do the pro-choice folk park on the street? (They were the ones that raised the concern of safety due to parking to police and council members.) I wonder if the pro-choice group who champion the right to abort a baby in the womb grasped the irony during the City Council Meeting which commended "Child Abuse Prevention Month"? Do they find it a little twisted that they voice concern over safety of children playing in the street while they slaughter thousands of unborn babies a year in the abortion center where we minister?

I was so terrified to speak two nights ago, but knew I HAD to. You have to stand up for what you believe, no matter how frightening it is. I was just reading a Bible passage that reminded me of that truth. In Daniel 6, Daniel continues his practice of praying to God despite the anger and orders not to do so by King Nebuchadnezer. He was so determined to stand up for his beliefs, or more literally to kneel down for his beliefs in praying only to his God, that he was thrown in the lion's den. God preserved him and he was not harmed. However, sometimes we are harmed when we follow God's path. That doesn't matter. Daniel went to the lion's den knowing it might be God's plan that the lions eat him.

Here is one newscast that featured a segment of our speeches. Click HERE.

And we are on a second news cast as well. Please understand, this is NOT a public safety issue. If that were the case as Council member Eiselt claims in this segment, then why did she speak ONLY to the pro-choice folks and not a single word with us when she visited Latrobe Ave???? If she were on a fact finding mission, why only gather the facts of the group who raised the concern and not the concerns of all?

Click HERE for that newscast.

Now since I have supplied all you need below to contact City Council, we are in a NO EXCUSE ZONE.,,,,,,,
"Smith, Kenny R." ,,,,
Hello Mayor Roberts and Council Members,
I appreciated the opportunity to speak with you at the forum last night. I would like to correct some inaccuracies voiced by the pro-choice group in the last few speeches.
First of all, in three years of being on Latrobe as a sidewalk counselor I have NOT ONCE seen a child from nearby neighborhoods skateboarding, bicycling, or playing anywhere on Latrobe Ave. None of us have.
Secondly, Latrobe is a tennis shaped street as they mentioned, and the ONLY business on the section where we counsel women and park is the Abortion Center. ANY other business traffic can access their businesses by taking the other side of the loop. Our work impedes NO ONE.
Thirdly, while we do indeed have some counselors who bring their children they NEVER play in the street. NEVER.
Fourthly, many women go on the mobile RV unlike the speaker's report that she has never seen someone on the RV. One day six women in a row went on while I counseled them!!! I personally follow and work with 30 women, all of which went on the RV. And I am only one of many counselors.
Fifthly, the use of the term "held hostage" in referring to what happens on the RV is a complete falsehood and slander. We often DO have trouble getting them to leave, since it is a place of hope and safety.
Sixthly, this street is wide, with sidewalks on both sides in the area by the abortion center. Tractor trailers go by and wave to us as the RV and our cars are parked there.

Seventh, we do NOT break the sound ordinance law. We legally abide by all terms of using our sound system.
Finally, if the women were so adverse to speaking to us, why do so many women stop, take our literature, change their minds, and call us. Would they do so if we are a "gauntlet of fear and intimidation"?
The pro-choice people tell every client NOT to stop and talk to us...even if the woman is post-abortive, sobbing, and WANTS the comfort and support we offer.
This drive to find some way to silence us is not based on safety. It is based on a recognition that our work has significantly cut into the abortion business and they don't want to lose any more revenue.
Vicky Kaseorg

Proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance.

In whom we have boldness and access with confidence through our faith in him.

The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.

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