Thursday, March 30, 2017

Not Perfect, But Willing. Are You?

This is me in my kayak. I almost didn't go because I really didn't have time, but I need the peaceful alone time with nature and God or my spirit begins to crumble and tear.
I have been consumed with the fight with City Council about making the street where we minister outside the abortion center inaccessible to us through No Parking ordinances while simultaneously working to help get my folks to a safe and wonderful retirement (assisted living) home that can meet all their needs. I have also been actively working with a mom who chose life over abortion who is in an abusive situation. I am trying to find her a safe place, job, and spiritual support. All three issues are still unresolved. I hoped time in my kayak might bring me peace and clarity in the midst of this storm. 

It did. It always does.

If you have followed our fight with the City to not restrict access to ministering to the women at the abortion center, I hope you have also read the accounts of all the incredible good Cities4Life has accomplished. Here is another article that I thought beautifully represented the issues and the incredible work Cities4Life does. Click HERE.

Before I move on to serious matters, check out this article. The author insinuates that Cities4Life instigated a cyber attack on the abortion center and stuffed their drain pipes so the toilets backed up. Then they quote ME, from my speech at the City Council Citizen forum. Me. Are they suggesting that this grey-haired, old, breast-cancer survivor had, first, the knowledge, and secondly the strength, stamina, stealth, and desire to stuff their drain pipes or conduct a cyber attack? And they misspelled my name. At least if they are going to accuse me of such an intellectual crime, they should spell my name correctly.
Nonetheless, it is such a rewarding ministry to be a part of. I have learned more about living the Gospel, reaching others for Christ, and the JOY of serving God and seeing His miracles right before my eyes through serving with Cities4Life than anything else I have ever done. 
We need help. We need more people to reach out to these conflicted women where they need it most - on the sidewalks of the abortion center. I would love to help any one interested in learning more about what we do. If you contact me, we can schedule any morning you are available to shadow me and other counselors on the sidewalk. You can just watch and learn till you feel totally comfortable in whatever role God is calling you to do out there. It is only terrifying the first time. Then strangely, it becomes a privilege and joy. Honestly!
God kept sending me a message for me to repeat over and over: I am not perfect but I am willing.
I think He was reminding me that it doesn't matter if I fail, it matters that I am faithful.
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2 Timothy 1:9

Who saved us and called us to a holy calling, not because of our works but because of his own purpose and grace, which he gave us in Christ Jesus before the ages began