Wednesday, May 17, 2017

God's Perfect Provision -- A lesson for Pro Life Laborers

HOT day. Rough day to be on the sidewalk of the abortion center, speaking for the babies who can't speak for themselves. Right afterwards, I drove my dripping-with-sweat-self and my kayak to the river. I kayaked upstream, then hopped out in a shallow section and sat in the river. AHHHHH!

Shortly after that cool dunk in the river, I kayaked by a fisherman.
"Look out for the snakes!" he called.
"Oh? Have you seen many?" I asked.
"Just saw a water moccasin ten feet from here."

Life is fraught with danger. If I listened to all my realistic fears, I'd be afraid to get out of bed. I certainly wouldn't kayak or ever submerge any body part in the river. And I doubt I would go to the sidewalks of the abortion center on the edge of a sketchy neighborhood to speak to people who didn't want to be spoken to about the sanctity of life they carried in their wombs. But when I am out there, the thought that I might be in danger never crosses my mind. Perhaps I trust that God will protect me, or maybe I am just stupid. There is compelling evidence of both.

After waving goodbye to the fisherman, I got a text from a woman I work with who chose life and is due very soon to deliver her baby. There has been a heat wave in Charlotte...and this very pregnant mom's AC died. Could I possibly find her a window AC unit? She really needed two, but she would be grateful for one...or even just a fan.

Oh boy. This is where the rubber of faith meets the road. How was I going to round up one, let alone two window AC units? And how would I get them to her even if I found them? I am not physically able nor medically allowed to lift heavy objects. Truth be told, I had a moment of the very ungodly thought: who does she think I am? Santa Claus??? 

Then I remembered (with hanging head and red cheeks of shame) that when women choose life, we promise them we will help them as best we can, whatever the need.

I put down my paddle and texted a message to Facebook. Within a couple of hours, I had money donations offered,  and TWO AC units, as well as a wonderful person willing to drive two hours to pick up the donated unit and bring/install it for the mom. And someone else donated two fans. All I still need is someone to pick up the second unit today and bring it/install it in the window for the mom. I am waiting to see how that need is answered.


THIS is what the body of Christ is all about -- people pouring out love and help to a poor mom in need, providing abundantly above and beyond what is asked. 

I continued on in my kayak. I didn't see a single snake. I know they are out there but so is the beautiful world God created for me. That bigger call to my soul drives away the fear.

I have 20 new volunteers signed up to come to my training for new sidewalk counselors tomorrow. My new job as Cities4Life Volunteer Coordinator was to find/train new volunteers. I started a month ago and look at the bounty God has dropped in my lap! Originally, the Cites4Life director and I thought it would be good to plan small gatherings of new volunteers regularly in my home for the formal training. I never expected 20! I gathered all the chairs in my home and set them up. Exactly twenty fit comfortably in the room. God's provision is perfect.
I got a text last night from the poor hot mom in response to my text telling her two AC units were on the way to her today.
"Oh Lord, thanks so much!"
Yes Lord. Thank you.

Philippians 4:19

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

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