Friday, May 5, 2017

Intrinsic Value of Human Life and Conflicted/Convicted Hearts

Baby on ultrasound with drawing by me to help you make sense of it

That little baby in the ultrasound picture evoked numerous cries of delight from both her mother and father. Just an hour before this picture was taken and her parents had fallen inescapably in love with her, they were sitting in the abortion center waiting room with the intention of killing her.

When I arrived yesterday morning to the sidewalks of the abortion center, the "pro-choice" escort snapped at me as I spoke to the women arriving to abort their children.
"Don't you think they have already made up their minds??" she said.
"No," I told her, "I don't. I think most of them are conflicted."

The mother of that sweet baby in the ultrasound picture above had been to the abortion center several times. Each time, she turned away, unable to do what she thought she was determined to do. This time, again, she and her boyfriend sat in the waiting room, but she began to feel sick. Not just morning sickness...soul sickness.

She came out. I had spoken to them several times as they went back and forth from their car. I was not surprised to see her coming towards me.
"I thought you might change your mind. May I hug you?" I asked.
"Yes," she said. "At least you all are nice, and offer help. Can I see my baby on the ultrasound?"

While she was yet undecided, she knew she had to see her baby. Like many of the women who come to us, she was focused on the obstacles and struggles her unplanned pregnancy presented. I always try to shift the focus and, if possible, eliminate or mitigate the obstacles through our Cities4Life network and resources.

"If your circumstances were wonderful," I asked her, "Would the baby be intrinsically more valuable?"
"No," she said.
"And if your situation were terrible, would the baby be less valuable?"
"No," she whispered.
"The child's value is not based on our circumstances, is it? Her value doesn't change -- it is based on the fact that God created human life in His image."

Since she had already told me she believed in God, and was already convicted that He would not have her abort her baby, I knew I didn't need to say another word.

After her ultrasound, I asked what was the best plan now for her life? She paused, confused. "I don't know...I haven't planned it out yet."
"But what plan would be the best one to follow?" I persisted.
Her boyfriend smiled. He got it. "God's plan," he said.
"Oh. Yes," said the young mother.

Three women chose life yesterday. Another who had chosen life a few weeks ago came to see me. She still wore her hospital bracelet. She was terribly distraught and in tears. She was possibly miscarrying, though the hospital could not say for certain. No ob/gyn doctor was on staff in the ER.

"I wanted you to know... after all you all did for me," she said, then collapsed in sobs. She who had once thought she would want to destroy her child was now heart-broken that her baby was perhaps not going to make it.

Please pray for this sweet woman.

Another woman drove out of the clinic, rolled down her window and shouted, "I'm keeping my baby!"

"I suppose you'll keep a record of that in your book?" the pro-choice escort said with disdain.
"We will!" I said, "And we will be dancing for joy!"
I think God will too. I picture Him lifting the hem of celestial robes, and kicking His heels together.

My vocabulary building app gives me a word a day. Today the word was fructify.
Fructify: to become fruitful.
Here is an opportunity for you all to fructify!
We need more volunteers on the sidewalks during the weekdays. Despite common preconceptions, many women who come to the abortion center are indeed wavering, still conflicted, and want a way out of a terrible decision but need someone willing to speak and offer real hope and help. If you would like to help turn conflicted hearts to convicted hearts with us, please email me at to shadow experienced volunteers and train to be a sidewalk counselor.

Isaiah 6:8
Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

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  1. What a joyful victory! May God's Word of Truth and Life go forth! Thank you for being His voice in defense of LIFE! Sheryl Chandler