Thursday, July 8, 2010

For Eternal Reward....I hope.....

We are becoming new parents. This morning a little foster pup will be delivered to us. We have been told by HCF that this will be a good experience, will expand our horizons, will be just what Jesus would want us to do. Our commitment to foster will extend for just ten days, at which point we pray the little pup is adopted or HCF will take over as mama and papa. I am not sure that this is the wisest decision we have ever made, but it is among the cutest.

The little black pup was on the daily euthanasia lists that HCF gets to read while I am reading the comics. (well, I never read the comics, but the antics of our government is close enough....)
While HCF founders sip their morning coffee, they peruse the list. The dogs they are looking at usually have a few days til they walk the long green mile, often only 24 hours. They choose dogs that they think they have room to house or that they hope will quickly be adopted when they don't have room. Since they are always overflowing with dogs, they never really have room, but they snag the pups when they can. The dog stories would drive most people into deep clinical depression which is why I read cheerier news like Iran developing the bomb with intent to blow up my ancestor's homeland.

When I was there volunteering a couple of days ago, HCF founders which I will refer to by their code names, Guilt and Trip, showed me the cute little condemned canines' photos on their computer and asked which one I wanted.
"I want them all, and I can't have any," I said.
"Not to keep," said Guilt.
"Just to foster," said Trip.
"I already saved one dog from death," I said, "Isn't that enough?"
"No," said Guilt and Trip in unison.

When I left, they were still hunched over the computer, discussing which dogs they could save from the list.
"This one, for sure," said Guilt.
"Why that one?" I asked.
"Because no other rescue will take him. He isn't cute, and he's black. No one takes black pups. They want the pretty colors."

When I got home there was a message from Guilt/Trip on my computer.
"We have your pup. We will deliver him Friday with crate, toys, food. You return him on the 17th if he isn't adopted."
I wrote back NO. I said it prettier than that, but the essence of the message was the same.
Guilt/Trip accepted my answer, but then did the bait and switch ploy known to work on any unsuspecting homeschooler-
"It would have been a great experience for Asherel, and she would learn something ."

I prayed about it. I always try to do that, but sometimes don't when I think God might tug me in a direction I would prefer not to go. In the morning, I wrote to Guilt/Trip.
"This is not a yes, and is in no way, shape, or form to be construed as a yes. I just need some facts. How old is the pup, and is he housetrained, and if we did take him, would you without question take him back in 10 days and never ask me to do this again so help you God, cross your heart and hope to die?"
"He is 9 weeks old. He has big ears that stick way out and short little legs. He is a mutant. That's why no one snagged him. He is super friendly, laid back, loves other dogs and people. Hasn't chewed on stuff or messed in his crate yet, but he will poop and pee in your house at some point. He already does pretty well on leash." Then she added the photo. The lady knows how to push compassion buttons.

So our new family member for the next 10 days arrives in an hour. I will post some photos on this blog site, and if you want to adopt him, keep your eyes peeled to where his official adoption info goes up soon. We will have a "name that pup" contest, and the winner gets to keep him!!!!!

Mark 9:41
41I tell you the truth, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to Christ will certainly not lose his reward.

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  1. You know you just opened the door wide for Guilt and Trip and many more dogs.