Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Ocean in the Living Room

With the price of gas today, who can afford a beach vacation? This blog not only will now provide you with daily messages of inspiration but also with practical advice- how to enjoy the benefits of the ocean without leaving your home.

Asherel, my closet thrill seeker, informed me that she wanted to try skim boarding. This is for the people not content to just crack their skulls to smithereens careening down snow covered mountains. With this wonderful little board, you can run along the surf line on the sandy beach , launch the board, and then leap onto it. In theory, you remain standing and alive, and can skim along the wet sand.  I tried it once, almost broke my wrist, and felt this is designed for someone without osteoporosis.

During my car's oil change which quickly revealed $200 of additional must-do's, I went to browse in "Play it Again, Sports", a used sports equipment store. Lo and behold, beckoning me in a dusty corner was a used skim-board. I checked the price. $5! For only $5 I could help my little girl get the concussion she so longs for!  So I bought it.

When I got it home, Asherel was delighted and as she always does, she began in depth research on skim boards. Much of the info she presented to me was quite interesting. Skim boarding was developed by lifeguards who needed to get down the beach fast. We all know the emergencies that send lifequards sprinting along the surf- sharks, drownings, and beautiful blonde babes. Asherel learned the key effective skim board techniques and then excitedly raced from her room to tell me that I had bought the perfect board for a beginner (wood) and joy of joys, you can actually learn to skim board in the comfort of your own home. It works on carpets.

So I had her clear a path in her bedroom, and went in to watch. I had 911 dialed and all I needed to do was press "send".  She took a running start, leaped onto the board in the manner she had read about, and skimmed about 2 feet across the carpet. I must say that is much better than I did my first time trying it.  She practiced all afternoon. It was the most relaxing beach vacation I have ever had - no worries about sharks or jelly fish stings, or sunburns causing cancer.
"Shall I cancel the Hilton Head vacation?" I called back, with my feet propped up in my climate controlled beach recliner.

So for all of you that are struggling today and thought an ocean vacation was out of reach this year, take heart. If you can't go to the ocean, bring the ocean to you.

Psalm 36:8
They feast on the abundance of your house; you give them drink from your river of delights.


  1. Sounds fun! You are a cool mom, Vicky.

  2. haha. Thanks Carol. I think God is always at work to help me out since teenagers are so hard to please.