Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Will Relax or die trying

I am overlooking a quiet lagoon surrounded by palm and pine trees. We have been here all of 15 hours and I have a bruised shoulder and forehead.
This did not occur riding our bikes on the glorious beach, or even from being buffeted by the ocean waves in the delightfully warm water. No, my injuries didn't need to wait for the beach vacation to happen. I could have just as easily slipped on the slick bathtub floor and fallen flat on my back whacking my head and shoulder on the faucet in the comfort of my own home. I am fine, albeit a little sore. Ah! Vacation!

And when I logged on to facebook last night, another curious test of my resolve to relax was tested.
"We are not sure you are who you claim to be," said facebook,
"So you must answer these questions three before you cross the bridge."
I kid you not. Facebook told me I had to prove who I was before
they would let me operate my
Mobile device from a new location.
What is this manure all about? Does facebook not know about modern transportation?
Do they not suspect they are called "mobile" devices because they "move"?
So for my test, I had to look at a series of photos of my facebook friends and correctly identify them. I could not get any wrong but I was allowed one pass.
This was like a game show. Where are the hidden cameras?
So they flash the first "friend" on my screen.
"that is not a friend!" I cried, "She is just an aquaintance."
"Do you know her name?" asked Asherel, who had none of this nonsense when she logged on to facebook .
"No! Oh, wait they give multiple
choices. Yes! It's this one!"
I assume i was correct because they let me move on to the next one. It was a photo of a man from the back fixing his bike. Identify this friend from his spandexed butt?
"it might be my brother."
"Yes," said Asherel, "it probably is cause he rides bicycles. I think that is his bike."
I held my breath and chose my brother's name.
Right again!
Picture three flashed up.
"I have no clue," I groaned.
"Use your pass," counselled Asherel.
The last photo was of two dogs.
"What!" I bellowed,"how can I answer this!"
"Show me your choices," said Asherel. She looked over the names. "Oh! Danielle! Those are Danielle's dogs."
I selected Danielle's name and waited anxiously, sweat pouring off my bruised, vacationing brow.
"Congratulations!" said facebook ,
"You are who you claim to be. You may now use our site, but in the future remember that if you plan to travel you must get preauthorization. "
That last half I made up but the rest of it is all true.
After that stressful exam which i would not have passed without Asherel's help, I took my bruised body off to bed.
Ah! Vacation!

Exodus 33:14
The Lord replied, "My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest."

- Nothing is impossible with God

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  1. Vicky,
    I think the "always being in a state of physical pain" must be a genetic Cecc thing. I pray for your healing and relaxing.