Thursday, July 29, 2010

His Feet in the Clouds

I can tell when a thunderstorm is coming through the most finely tuned weather forecasting device known to humankind- a neurotic dog. Hours, sometimes days, before the storm hits, Lucky begins pacing. He cringes and runs out the dog door and then races back inside. He prowls about as though the roof were about to fall on him.

In the recent boomer of a storm, even Honeybun who is a very calm dog sat with upright perked ears looking apprehensively at the door. She glanced at me and when I assured her it was ok, she lay down. Lucky, on the other hand, assured that it was ok, called me a liar, and went to cower in the bathroom. When a huge thunderbolt crashed across the street, he raced out of the corner and leaped onto my lap. As I am sure I have mentioned before, Lucky is not a lapdog sized dog. However, I allowed him to shudder in my lap for the brief few seconds he thought I could still the storm, and when I proved incapable of this feat, he dashed off to go find someone who could.

Fortunately, most storms pass quickly and Lucky returns to mere nutty instead of full blown psychotic. I love the storm passing. Quite often the sun breaks through dark, frightening clouds with gossamer rays of light that fan out like a dove tail. It always always makes me think of God reaching gently down to us, reminding us He is in the storm, but He is in the aftermath too.

Nahum 1:3 (New International Version)

3 The LORD is slow to anger and great in power;
the LORD will not leave the guilty unpunished.
His way is in the whirlwind and the storm,
and clouds are the dust of his feet.


  1. Vicky, Get a thunderstorm soundtrack and continuously play it softly each day gradually increasing the volume. Play with Lucky during this sound therapy with lots of treats.

  2. Love the name Honeybun! We have a pooch who is NOT lap sized that is terrified of storms.