Sunday, June 16, 2013

Got to Get you Into My Life

I was half way around the block last night with the dog, when I remembered that this was the night we had bought tickets 2 months ago for! And the starting time for the Beatles Tribute was 7 pm...and it was now...8:00pm! Oh no! How could I have forgotten? How could all three of us have forgotten!?

I called Arvo and told him to get Asherel up and moving, and then trotted with my old dog the half mile home. We dashed downtown and arrived one song before intermission. It was General Admission, no assigned seats, and the place was packed. But we found 3 seats together in the far top left row. Fortunately, there was still nearly 2 hours of music left and it was still a wonderful evening. We came very close to missing it all. It was even written on my calendar. But I had never checked my calendar that day. I just assumed we had nothing on it to worry about.

I learned an important lesson. One can anticipate, prepare, and even record what one hopes to do. But if one doesn't faithfully, daily, check in with the authority (in this case the calendar), one may very well miss the important message of that day.
Similarly, I may know God's word is contained in the Bible, and I may buy a Bible and keep it near for those daily bits of wisdom, but the day I don't check in with the Authority (in this case, God) might be the day I miss the vital message that was so very important to hear.

So they, when they were dismissed, came down to Antioch; and having gathered the multitude together, they delivered the epistle. And when they had read it, they rejoiced for the consolation. (Acts 15:30, 31 ASV)

Got to get you into my life...! ( Beatles, 1976)

-save a dog-

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