Thursday, June 6, 2013

Storms in Life

Great. Just Great. The first named tropical storm of the season, Andrea, is churning through Hilton Head tomorrow. Residents are advised to secure all outdoor objects that might become airborne, and those who live on boats are advised to GET OFF. Once a year we go to the beach for one week. For two of those years, we have been at the beach for a hurricane. Its not like there aren't enough weeks in the year when we are NOT at the beach that God could send a hurricane...I would shout "not fair", but I think that would be immature. So I won't, but you and I know it is still NOT FAIR.

At least, yesterday morning, I kayaked in between the tropical storm thunderstorms, and actually got some video of a dolphin who was close enough to touch. I am not sure how we will spend our last two days, holed up in the condo by rain and tropical force wind, but at least I have my memories of the wonderful kayaking mornings with the dolphins.

I had spasms of back pain last night, probably from so many hours of kayaking this week. It made me realize the tropical storm might be a good thing- keep me from injury with enforced inside time. It also filled my heart with prayers for a friend who recently discovered her own back pain was a reoccurrence of cancer. She has had far more than a tropical storm to deal with the past few years, and yet, when I read her updates, I am the one who feels encouraged! She hangs on to God so tightly that I can almost see them clasping hands when I read her posts about the enormous trials she is enduring. I prayed for miraculous and complete healing for her as my back spasmed.

Jesus can still the storm, but He doesn't always choose to. It is hard to trust that that is best when you are in the midst of the rip tides, tornadoes, and punishing hailstones of life. Sometimes the rains are so ferocious that you can no longer see His hand so clearly anymore, reaching for you. You know He is there...but it is hard to find Him sometimes.

I thought of the dolphin I have been pursuing in my kayak all week. I scan the surface of the sea, knowing they are beneath me, and all around me. Still, the surface remains empty of those I so earnestly seek! I pray and send psychic messages, knowing these intelligent creatures might even be telepathic. But they never seem to appear when I expect them. And then, out of nowhere, they slice a fin through the grey ocean, and every time they do, it takes my breath away for the wonder of them.

I fell asleep picturing dolphins breaking to the surface right beside me, as the pain in my back disappeared.

Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; Save me and I will be saved, For You are my praise. (Jeremiah 17:14 NASB)

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  1. Oh VIcky! I know just what you're going through. Two years ago we couldn't go down to the beach the first 3 days because of hurricane Irene (they had evacuated Delaware beaches). Last year we went all the way to Emerald Isle and it rained every day for a week. It's the only time we get to my favorite place and that happens. I am so sorry. I feel your pain.