Sunday, June 9, 2013

Looking Homeward

Goodbye Hilton Head. Hello real world! We hit a massive traffic jam on the way back home on I 95. We were told it had been backed up like that for hours. We were crawling for about 40 minutes before we found an exit and decided to take the scenic route home. It truly was scenic. We ambled through small southern towns, edged by vast fields with tiny crops just poking tender shoots into the growing season. Most of the towns boasted tiny historic sections, with markers that heralded their claim to fame. One town had an historic plantation that had been lived in by the same family for 9 generations! Now that's roots!

I thought about my own family, scattered all over the USA. I think that is more the norm nowadays. Few kids seem to stay in their parents' town. I don't think many families have deep seated roots to the land the way that plantation family did. Perhaps that is why America is tottering. Maybe the connection to land and family is more critical to our essence than our mobile society understands.

I love to travel. I can't wait to see what is beyond the next bend. But after going around a few "next bends", I always yearn for home. But my home is splintered- I have beloved parents in one home, two sons each in another home, sisters and brother each all in other homes....Where is HOME?

Maybe that is part of the allure of Heaven. All who believe will be reunited, permanently in one Home again. It will be a place where roots run infinitely deep and generations remain eternally. I think at that point, I will no longer have an insatiable urge to travel, because the seeking will no longer be necessary. I will have found all I really ever wanted.

"The eternal God is a dwelling place, And underneath are the everlasting arms... (Deuteronomy 33:27 NASB)

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