Monday, November 16, 2015

Speaking Daily Love

I send daily texts of a Bible verse to about twenty mamas who chose life at the abortion mill, where I speak on behalf of the babies every Monday. There are about five of these women who keep in close contact with me. Most of the others I rarely hear from.

However, I feel compelled to continue sending the  verses. I assume if I annoyed them, they would let me know, or block me. I can see they are read each day. And then, out of the blue, after months of silence from one of them, I got this text yesterday:

Thank you, Ms. Vicky.

That is all. I have no idea how her life is going, or even if she has had the baby yet. All I know is the verse was important enough to her to thank me for it. And so, I will continue sending them. After all, I believe there is power in the Word of God.

Psalm 39:1-3
I said, “I will watch my ways
    and keep my tongue from sin;
I will put a muzzle on my mouth
    while in the presence of the wicked.”
So I remained utterly silent,
    not even saying anything good.
But my anguish increased;
    my heart grew hot within me.
While I meditated, the fire burned;
    then I spoke with my tongue:

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