Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Abundant Overflowing Power of God

EIGHT babies lives were spared Monday at Charlotte's busiest abortion mill! It was the craziest day I have ever experienced there, a deliciously, exhilarating insane day. At one point, there were four mothers on the pro-life mobile ultrasound RV at the same time! The photo above is of part of our team. Two other counselors had already gone home. If I learned anything that wild day, it is this:

God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,   Ephesians 3:20

Lisa Metzger, one of the most ardent pro-life warriors on earth, texted me Monday morning. A mom she'd been working with was wavering, and was now thinking she would get a pill abortion. She would agree to go on the ultrasound on the RV before going in the abortion mill. Lisa gave me some background, and set a time for me to meet the mama. 

I jettisoned into whirlwind mode, gathering verses and material that I felt would be helpful with this particular mama. Then I read scripture and prayed...and asked my Facebook prayer warriors to pray. 

When I arrived at the mill, it was with some dismay I remembered we did not have the sound permit this week, thus were deprived of one of our most useful tools in urging the women to choose life. We can normally speak on the microphone and women can hear us in the building. However, all of us had our trusty little megaphones.
(The photo is from a different day, but no one took a picture of us Monday with our megaphones.)
Anyway, a young man listened to me, and when his girlfriend went in the mill, he came over to talk with me. He said he was a Christian, but he and his girlfriend were worried there might be medical issues. I begged him to get her out and get our free ultrasound rather than support the abortion mill, which no Christian should ever support. He took my literature and went in to get his girl friend, 'A'.

At that moment, another mother and her daughter, 'B',  came out of the mill. They came to me, and asked if they could see the baby on the ultrasound. The girl wanted to abort, but felt she needed to see the heartbeat first. So I brought them into the RV, and my team waited for the other couple to emerge from the abortion mill.

While I was counseling 'B', there was a knock on the RV door. One of the other counselors, Anna,  came in with 'A'. While doing the ultrasound with the nurse Sherry, me, and 'B' in the back room of the RV, 'C' came on the RV. 'C' was the mom Lisa referred to me. Now Moms 'A', 'B', and 'C' were all on the RV. There was another knock on the door.

I had just finished counseling 'B', who chose life for her baby, and was running out to my car for a 'blessing bag' for her. I opened the door of the RV to see our other counselors there with a sobbing woman they had brought for me to counsel. If you are keeping track, this was mama 'D'. I put my arm around the sobbing 'D', heard her story, and sent her in the RV with one of our other counselors, Chrissy.

'A' and her boyfriend went to get coffee while we finished up with 'B'. 'C' went to sit in her car while Anna finished with 'A'. While I went in to the ultrasound with 'C', Chrissy counseled 'D'. Are you confused? You can imagine how frenzied we were then!

 The two counselors who remained on the sidewalk talked on their megaphones, and two women chose life, and left with babies still safe in their wombs. Two others on the mobile RV down the street from us chose life and left with babies intact as well.

'B' told me she had been praying on the way to the abortion mill that if God were real, He would send her a sign.
"Did He?" I asked.
"Ever since I got pregnant, I haven't heard him at all."
"Sometimes He is speaking, and we aren't listening," I said."For example, when you pulled into this place and saw all these people, and this RV parked here, did you think God was sending you a sign?"
"Well, this is your job,"  she said.
"No it's not. Every one of us are Christians who love God, and are volunteers. Every one of us is here because we feel God wants us here, and every morning I pray that He will bring me exactly who He would want me to speak with. Even the RV is funded by volunteers who love God."
She nodded. It began to dawn on her that God was speaking, and had been speaking, loudly. God was sending her exactly what she had requested: a sign that she should keep her child. She decided it would be best to listen to God.

'C' told me she was confused. She lacked "clarity."
"What will give you clarity?" I asked.
"I don't know."
"I can give you clarity," I said. I walked her through a logical progression of proving the baby in her womb was human. Then I walked her through a logical progression of agreeing that the taking of innocent human life was wrong.Then I cited the scripture that is very clear that God does not condone the harming of innocent life, particularly babies, knows the baby from the moment He forms her in the womb, and loves her. Then I walked her through a logical progression of what she believed in her soul about whether God would want her to take innocent human life or not.
"Now," I asked her, "What is not clear?"
"When you put it that way...." she said. "It is clear."
"That is all you need for clarity," I told her, "Boil it down to the root issue. Ignore everything else."

In the end, eight mothers chose life for their precious children! Our team was ready to collapse when it was late afternoon, and none of us had eaten since breakfast and all of us had been nonstop counseling. However, it was the kind of collapse that you welcome. The kind that tells you none of your efforts were in vain, and all of them were bathed in the grace, and mercy, and power of God.

go to Charlotte.cities4life.org to join or donate to this incredible, life-saving ministry.

Psalm 28:7

The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him.





  3. Being mobile is an awesome way to minister to these moms. We are mobile in Detroit and have had great days like this as well.