Thursday, December 17, 2015

Victory Belongs to the Lord

It was a gorgeous day yesterday. Didn't feel at all like winter in NC. It was over 70 degrees. I went for a bike ride. Blue cloudless sky. Bright yellow sun. In fact, there have only been two days this week when it has rained. Monday and today....

...and guess what? 

Both those days are when I stand outside for hours as a sidewalk counselor for life at the abortion center. Here is God's little joke: the one Monday I missed, it did NOT rain. Hahahahaha.

It almost never fails. For the past three months, nearly every Monday, it has rained.
However, come rain or come shine, snow, or drought...God is calling and I am heeding.

Thursdays I don't normally go to the sidewalk, but I am filling in for an absent counselor who had another commitment. Since God always works some fascinating miracle, I cannot wait. I wonder what He has in store!

I spent last night texting with a mama who had recently chosen life over abortion,  and was filled with grief and guilt over the choices that led to her predicament. I shared the Gospel, and the truth of God's love and forgiveness, telling her guilt was a great way to understand our need for Jesus. It was strange using text messages to communicate the way to eternal salvation, but one must seize every opportunity! She told me she couldn't remember the last time she had gotten on her knees and cried out to Jesus.

I told her, "Do it!!!! Go to a closet and do it!"
She told me her mother used to pray in the closet. She prayed so loudly that the whole household could hear her.

That was a mother who trusted and knew that the battle was not of flesh and blood. I pray she discovered that victory belongs to the Lord. That vision will be dancing in my head as I call out to the abortion-minded mothers in the pouring rain today.

Proverbs 21:31 

The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.

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