Sunday, March 20, 2016

Shout Hallelujah All Day

Most cancer patients undergo chemo. It is the part I am most afraid of but it is probably inevitable. I find out when I meet with the surgeon in two Mondays. However, I found a way to conquer this fear.
First, identify it. What am I afraid of?
Feeling crappy.
Ok. Besides that?
Going bald.
Ok. And what did you ALWAYS wish you could do because you are so fickle about your hair?
Push a button and it would instantly grow. Change color. Change style. Change texture.
Well guess what??You CAN do that. Get a wig.

So I went online researching wigs. I am here to tell you there are some VERY cute, realistic wigs out there. And who says I have to get a short grey wig to match my current mop? How about an iridescent rainbow wig with luxurious shoulder length curls? Or red? Or blonde...and discover if they really do have more fun.

Do you know what happened the more I giggled over the wigs? The less fear I felt, and the more I wanted a wig. Even if I don't need chemo, I may get a wig. How nice to have a clean, styled hairdo right at my fingertips when having a bad hair day.

Then, as I was still smiling over my new wig ideas, I got a gift from sister Wendy. It was a box full of trinkets, but one was exceptional. It was a red pendant of a chinese looking horse in a beautiful silver setting. I was wearing purple, but I put the red pendant on. I didn't care if someone looked at me and wondered if I knew red and purple don't go together. It doesn't matter in the face of the reality I am encountering.

The day before I had talked with a friend who is a cancer survivor. She plans to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro this summer. She told me that chemo is hard, but I would only have a few hard days in between lots of good ones. I would still be able to walk, bike, kayak, and visit my folks. She did warn that chemo makes food taste strange, and bland food would be all I'd likely want to eat.

So, I told my husband it was time to use our gift card from my son and daughter- in-law to a fancy restaurant. We'd had the card three months. I was saving it for a special occasion. Maybe that is not a good idea. Maybe the special occasion is today. Let's celebrate.

So we did. I am glad there will be no cancer in heaven, but it is teaching me things here on earth every day.

1. If you go bald, wear a wig. Or a pretty scarf. Your scalp just became your blank canvas!
2. Wear colors that clash, and laugh at the absurd. Sometimes that is all you get to laugh at and laughter is healing.
3. Today is special. Celebrate.

My Bible study yesterday had a special verse.

27-28 But those who want
    the best for me,
Let them have the last word—a glad shout!—
    and say, over and over and over,
God is great—everything works
    together for good for his servant.”
I’ll tell the world how great and good you are,
    I’ll shout Hallelujah all day, every day.
Psalm 35:28 (The Message Translation)

Shout Hallelujah all day, every day.  That is what God seems to be telling me. My guess is, that's what He is telling all of us.