Wednesday, August 31, 2016

An Everlasting Love

I am not very mechanical and whenever possible, I let someone else do anything that involves the use of tools. However, after my recent bike mishap and broken ribs, I decided I needed a cell phone mount on my bicycle so that I don't need to fiddle with it in and out of my bike pack.

There are plenty of excellent bicycle handlebar phone mounts but I had an unusual problem. The bicycle I use the most is a folding bike. It is lightweight, highly maneuverable, and while a little silly looking with its downsized wheels, I really love riding it. All the phone mounts I looked at would impede the bike's ability to fold up when not in use. Since I store it folded in my car, this is a game-changer.

Well, yesterday, I stopped by a bike store and found a phone mount that actually looked promising. The mechanic at the store informed me they would install the mount if I wanted them to. I assured them I would return on the morrow with my bike to let them do just that.

Then something strange came over me. It felt a little like 'self-reliance.' I got home and opened the package and neatly smoothed the instructions. They did not look terribly difficult.

I gathered my single needed tool - a Phillips-head screwdriver, and began assembling my phone mount.

Two hours and gallons of sweat later, I was ready to throw in the towel. I had successfully assembled the mount. The problem was because of the unique configuration of a folding bike handlebar, there just was no way to get the clearance needed for the mount to slide open as it had to for the phone to be secured. I tried every permutation of the angle of the mount to the handlebar, and the angle of the holder to the handlebar mount. It just was not going to work.

In frustration, I rested my hand on the mount, and because I had just loosened the screw, it clicked to a new position. Pausing, I peered at the new angle. I looked at the back where the sliding mechanism had been impossibly stuck due to hitting the unusual handlebar folding lever.

Could it be? It appeared to now clear the lever. Barely daring to breathe, I tightened the screw at the new accidental angle. Then, I took a deep breath, and tried to open the mount enough to slide my phone into position.

I could NOT believe it. It worked. Perfectly.

If you waterboarded me and drove splinters under my nails, I could not tell you how the accidental angle worked. I am chalking it up to a miracle. I had spent two hours trying every conceivable combination of the two angles that could be adjusted. How had I by accident leaned on the mount and achieved the single perfect angle?

Thank you God. Lots of lessons here are obvious.
1. Don't give up - victory is just around the corner from defeat.
2. God is with you, even when you aren't specifically asking Him to be.
3. You depend on others sometimes to do things you really could, and should do yourself.

However, none of those seemed to be exactly what God was saying to me. I pondered what His point was in this frustrating and then successful adventure.

I think He was showing me how beloved I am. There are probably a bazillion more important and more Godly ways to have spent those two hours. But I REALLY wanted a phone mount on my favorite bicycle. I think God was just being gentle and blessing me just because HE CAN. And He loves YOU just as much as He loves ME. Awesome, isn't it?

Maybe that isn't what He was saying. But it resonates with me.
PS- I think some of you must have been praying. My ribs are feeling a little better. Thank you.

Jeremiah 31:3 

The Lord appeared to him from far away. I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.

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