Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Illogic of Pro Choice and the Fight For Life

I was glad for the diversion of Trump's inauguration when my mom was due for surgery. We all watched the whole thing while waiting for the nurses to come take my mom to the OR. All went well, though there were some very frightening moments as she appeared to be losing the struggle to come out of anesthesia. She rallied after scaring us all, and is doing much better today.

She has already had PT today, and despite surgery for complete hip replacement and a broken arm yesterday, she sat up, transferred to a wheelchair, ate lunch largely on her own with her non-dominant, unbroken left hand, and was lucid and in good spirits.

I took the opportunity of her lying down to nap to go for a run along the lovely Chenango River walkway. Zillions of people with pro-choice signs passed me. An anti-Trump/pro-choice rally was gathering near the turn around point of my run.

I HAD to stop. Each time there was a sign that struck me with the illogic of the pro-choice stance (which was basically all of them...), I put on the brakes and engaged in discussion. The first admitted the unborn child was indeed human and abortion was wrong, but she supported Planned Parenthood, "because they do good things for women's health."
"Like what?" I said, "All they do are low cost contraceptives and abortions. They don't do mammograms or cervical cancer screening. What is it they do to promote women's health?"
No answer.
"And let me ask you something else. Hitler did a lot of good things for Germany. There was just that little evil issue of the Jews...Would you have supported Hitler?"
"I don't believe Hitler did good things for Germany."
"Well it doesn't matter what you believe because you can check the facts. Hitler helped Germany's economy. You see abortion is an incomparable evil. It doesn't matter how much supposed good Planned Parenthood does when they engage in such an evil destruction of vulnerable human beings. It is no different logically than supporting Hitler despite the incredible evil of the Holocaust."
No answer.

I ran on. A very nice group of women held  a sign about reproductive rights for all people.
"Except the baby," I said.
We discussed when the baby became human. Again, there was no logical argument the pro-choice group could come up with, so they admitted abortion was wrong and they didn't support abortion but if it were illegal, women would do it anyway to their detriment. These folks had friends who were glad they aborted because they were not in a situation to best raise a child.

"So our situations determine right or wrong?" I asked,  "Morals change depending on our circumstances?"
No answer.

I ran on back to the hospital where my mother was sleeping. Her oxygen levels are good, but she was worn out sitting up for two hours on her new hip just fifteen hours after surgery. I was so happy and proud of her, fighting her own valiant determination to live.

John 10:10 

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

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  1. thanks for sharing---Life is precious and often people will "go with the flow" not even thinking things through--Its called stupidity and crowd hysteria---Satan loves it--Lets pray for these lost souls...God bless you and your mom!!