Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Enjoy the View

We didn't know where the golf course we were walking towards was located but we gave ourselves half an hour to reach it or turn around. Asherel had hoped to spend the morning working with the horses at the nearby stable but a day of rain and muddy trails cancelled that activity. So with the time honored parenting technique of a bribe (candy in exchange for uncomplaining walks with us) we headed off on an utterly silent and peaceful country road. In this country all the roads are hilly and only go uphill. Asherel, looking forward to her candy didn't exactly complain but she did have a stopwatch going and reported at frequent intervals how many minutes to turnback time.

Arvo and I were enjoying the quiet and the lovely scenery.

"Look at that little creek and the beautiful flowers along it."

"Three minutes. "

"And that orange and yellow mushroom!"

"Two minutes and thirty seconds."

"So peaceful and beautiful with the mountains in the distance..."

"Two minutes!"

And then just as the countdown hit ten seconds we saw the golf
course atop the mountain we had climbed. We sat in adirondack chairs on the porch and rested, looking out on mountains and forests and stillness.

It had not been a monumental or important goal. Just a walk in a pretty place. Still, with our self imposed schedule, we almost missed seeing the goal and reaching that quiet place of rest.

After we climbed back to our cabin, Karissa and Matt met us at the pool and then we had yummy grilled food and fun games on the outdoor porch. Nothing monumental. Just peaceful and quiet places of rest.

I am far too often guilty of planning and scheduling to the point that disruptions in the plan lead me to distress or following the schedule prevents me from enjoying the journey. Worse yet, sometimes I stop just short of victory because the road is hard and I am certain I should have reached my goal ten minutes ago....

It is good for me to remember this lesson the day before we head off to our DI Global Finals competition. It is the journey that makes a life and the goal is simple. Hear the voices of loved ones along the way, keep travelling even when it all seems uphill, don't give up too quickly, and rest and enjoy the view when you get there.

Job 22:21
Submit to God and be at peace with Him.

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