Monday, May 31, 2010

A Moment of Rest

Ah! Home again! Finally I can put my feet up and listen to silence. No giant snakes that need fixing, no teenager that needs guiding, comforting, or least not immediately. All that needs to be done is unloading a van that is bursting at the seams and held together with duct tape, washing and folding and putting away 10 loads of laundry, grocery shopping for the barren larder, walking the 5 extra pounds or so off of our pudgy agility dog who apparently ate well at Dog Camp this week, and planning the trip in 2 weeks to see Anders and my folks. Ah! Relaxing!

All seems well here at home, except for the smell of mold which I hope is just the dirty laundry. Oh, and also except for the disturbing fact that Honeybun ate through a crate at Dog Camp.... the second crate she has eaten at HCF Dog Camp. I hope HCF puts her in a wire crate next time. I think even HB can't eat through wire. Maybe that extra 5 pounds is consumed crate. Who knew crates were caloric?

It is like we have been away for a thousand years. The tiger lilies are all blooming in my "garden" ( for those of you who have a hard time identifying which part of my yard is garden in case you have seen our yard- it is the section where the weeds struggle to maintain hegemony with the perennial flowers that even I can't kill), the grass is a jungle, we need a new roof, and the rusty attic fans aren't working. Oh wait.... all that was true when we left a week ago except for the lilies. Drat.

Still it is good to be home, and resting, even if it is only resting in theory. I did put my feet up briefly and contemplate my toes, even the broken one. I realized it hadn't hurt in a while and took off the buddy toe wrapping. I squeezed it gently. No pain. I walked a little on it, with visions of bone splinters breaking free and shooting into my corpus collosum making communication between the two halves of my brain forever impossible. But none of that happened. It didn't hurt. I think it is healed.

I know my checklist before the trip had been all neatly checked off, but a few seconds after watching my toes take a deep sigh of relief, I already had a new checklist with bright, beckoning boxes. Oh well. Praise God I have toes that aren't broken any longer to hold me up as I dash off to my new list. But not quite yet. First I will pause and prop my feet up on the comforting memories of a week of a beloved son reaching a monumental milestone, a dear daughter delighting in friends and doing well in a major competition, and the laughter of children from all over the planet finding joy in each other..

Genesis 2:3
And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.

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