Sunday, May 30, 2010

Laughing in the rain

When we weren't wilting from the heat, we were dashing through thunder and rain but somehow the team had the energy to play one of the funniest practical jokes I have observed in a while.

I know practical jokes have a way of returning on you and escalating- a cold war of anticipated revenge. Still, this one was particularly good

The girls took mini Oreo cookies and filled half of them with white playdoh.
Then while we were at dinner, they told the boys that they had invited two girls from another team to come trade pins with them. They called the fictional girls Pam and Suzy and told Walter, one of our team boys, that Pam was really his type.
"She loves food," they said.
"Sweet or healthy?"
"Sweet. "
So Walter couldn't wait to meet Pam. My biggest problem as a DI team manager with Walter is getting him to stop eating long enough to work.
"Where is she from?"asked Walter.
I saw the girls pause and as team manager knew I had to step in and guide.
"Korea," I told him.
After dinner the boys went to shower in anticipation of meeting Pam and Suzy while the girls prepared the Oreos. They left half the plate normal Oreos which they would eat to entice the boys and the other half of the plate had the playdoh Oreos.

When the boys came in, I ran to my room and pretended to get a phone call from Pam. I spoke slowly and carefully as I would to anyone whose native tongue was not English. The boys listened and asked what Pam had said.

When I got off the phone I told them Pam and Suzy would be late.
"But they will be bringing dessert."
Walter's eyes lit up.
"Koreans are well known for their delicious desserts," I added.

So Lucy began eating one of the good Oreos and offered them to the boys. Jacob brought one near his mouth and paused.
"I don't mean to be rude but these smell funny - kind of like
"Oh that's just the packaging," I told him.
Walter, never coy with food, popped one in his mouth, made a face and popped it back out again. I snapped a picture to capture the moment for eternity.

I am going to have to stretch hard for the spiritual message on this one. I know God has a sense of humor and seems especially fond of irony. It is fitting that Walter, who never met a sweet that he wouldn't consume no matter whose mouth it had been in, should fall prey to such a scheme. Still, I suspect I should be repenting and I intend soon as I stop laughing.

Genesis 21:6
God has brought me laughter and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.

Nothing is impossible with God

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