Sunday, May 30, 2010

For the least of us

We are here in Knoxville for Global finals with a few other creative kids- 12,000 of them. I understand there are mountains all around us but all these creative brains are emitting so much smoke that all I see are amorphous images of joy, and quirky delight.

We perform this afternoon and while I slept little in anticipation ,the kids are still snoring. Oh to be young and have your most pressing worry be what's for breakfast!

While we were on our way to the opening ceremony which looked just around the corner on the map but was in actuality 7036 miles
away, it began to rain. Buckets of fat rain. We ducked for cover in the library and found a silent corner. A cleaning woman came over and asked if we had pins. The kids go to Globals not for the glory but to trade pins with kids from all over the world. The pins are the most valuable things on earth for them this week.

Lucy told her that, yes, she had pins.
"I don't have any. Can I have that one?"
She pointed at the most coveted pin with the highest trading value.
"Sure," said Lucy.
I wanted to be sure Lucy knew what she was doing and told her this was not a trade as the lady had no pins to trade.
"I know," said Lucy and gave the overjoyed woman the precious pin.

Fortunately I had a cache of very valuable pins ready to award to the kids for any acts of random kindness above and beyond the call of duty. I gave Lucy the pin of meritorious behavior but until that moment she had not known I had any pins at all.

Our team performs today and with a thousand teams here ,it is not likely they will win a medal. But I feel pretty certain that there is a special medallion on a heavenly ribbon waiting to adorn Lucy.

Jesus said,"Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me. "

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