Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The peaceful quiet objects that line the normally silent sunroom window sill in my parent's home are all agog. Molecules moving this fast have never been seen. The nephews have arrived.

My sister has gone to a ridiculous extreme to win the contest "favorite aunt". Up until this trip, we were neck to neck on the hard fought attempts to bribe and spoil our nephews. And then Amy decided to offer to bring them several hundred miles on a train to visit the grandparents while we were here. I have nothing to top this feat so must accede the title to her. I really never had a chance anyway. I could keep up with her for short bursts with scavenger hunts or Mcdonald's icecream bribes but a thousand mile train ride complete with breakfast in the dining car?
She doesn't play fair.

And the quiet knick knacks on the sunroom window sill
gaze with amazement as the cousins rush out to the back yard with no child toy or electronics in it, and they gleefully construct a teepee with the fallen branches. Another nephew is planning to construct water skis with foam so he can walk on water. The grandparents and knick knacks are already exhausted just watching this whirlwind of creativity and life.

I can see none of us will sleep much and will need a vacation after this vacation. But as I prepare to meet the exuberance of this day with those animated dear ones ready to spring out of bed the moment they hear a footstep, I am so grateful for my family. The chaos of an overfull house is shaking the normally still objects within to the core with the cumulative effect of generations of love. And I don't begrudge Amy the title "favorite aunt". She'd be my favorite too.

Psalm 16:6
The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.

Nothing is impossible with God.


  1. My sister exaggerates.

    I won without the trip.


  2. You two are welcome to battle over my boys any time. When and to where shall I buy tickets?