Monday, June 14, 2010


I had the earring I found tested at a jeweler, anxiously wondering if I would walk out of there rich or just me.
"Cubic zirconium," said the jeweler as his drill swiftly scratched into it.
"oh well," I told him ,"I was hoping I was a millionaire."
"Well you would only have been a hundreds-aire anyway," he consoled.
So many fakes are so convincingly real. I used to take photos and throw food to a swan in the middle of a lake I walked by for months.... til it drifted close to shore and I realized it was plastic.
And I have plunked down $10 for a "real" fake Rolex watch sold
by the thousands in New York City.
Some things take a long time to convince you they are real, things like loyalty,goodness, faith, and love. I am really proud to say that today Arvo and I celebrate our 30th anniversary. Frankly, there have been times we both wondered how we would make it for the next ten minutes let alone a lifetime. We have both pondered at moments , and sometimes more than a few moments, how we ended up with a cubic zirconium when we thought we had bonded to a diamond.
The 30th anniversary is a pearl anniversary. Arvo doesn't wear jewelry so I was at a loss about what to get him to commemorate this milestone. An internet search revealed there are top of the line golf wedges made by Cleveland called Black Pearl. Arvo is an avid golfer. After hurried consultation with his accomplished golfing brother, I got the Black Pearl and could not wait to give it to my long suffering, faithful partner for so many years.
His hands were worrisomely empty as we settled
down to exchange gifts. I prayed silently that God would give me the grace to overlook the fact that my husband had not gotten me anything, not even a dust rag,after 30 years of sticking through richer and poorer and sickness and health.
"Before you open this, remember it is the pearl anniversary ," I said as I handed him the gift.
His face looked blank.
"You do know it is our anniversary ?" I asked.
"Yes," he said, "I just didn't know it was the pearl one. Sorry. "
He opened the gift and was thrilled. It was one of the finest clubs he now owned and he took several practice swings. His joy made me forget ( almost) that he had given me nothing. Because really, he has given me so much. He has worked tirelessly beside me raising three wonderful kids. He has supported my homeschooling and sacrificed much of what he has wanted to allow us to do that. He has brought humor and intellect and insights in many areas completely foreign to me. He has seen me at my worst and seems to still love me. And when half of marriages end in divorce, he has vowed to remain til the end before the God we both love and try to serve, however brokenly. What is a little material gift compared to all that?

Arvo paused swinging his new club gleefully. "Oh , here," he said handing me a small box that had been nestled in his pocket.

I opened the box and two beautiful diamond earrings sparkled at me. Even I could tell these were not cubic zirconium. Any fool could see the real thing when it is in front of her eyes.
"oh!" I breathed ,"I have always wanted diamond earrings!"

Our sermon yesterday was about what it meant to truly love. Our pastor pointed out that most of us would rather just leave hard issues by moving on, ending friendships , divorcing, running away to easier things. However, he assured us , the issues will always arise if you are with anyone long enough. Maturity and growth can only occur if you are willing to stay, confront , and work through them.
Even diamonds start their life off as dark and dirty coal. It is time and pressure that transform them...and us.

Romans 12:2
"Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is , that which is good and acceptable and perfect."

Nothing is impossible with God

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  1. Sweet! And congratulations on 30 years of marriage.

    My mother often stated, "Good marriages never just happen; they require lots of work." So, when we have rough times, by God's grace, we apply a bit more effort. Sometimes we feel that we might be the only one giving. But then there are times when we are the one in need, and our spouse is there to give unselfishly.

    How often we may wish that our marriage would totally reflect the admonition of the apostle Paul in Philippians 2:2, "...being of one accord, of one mind." That is the ultimate goal. How wonderful when we see that happen.

    More often, however, we need the reminder from the next verse, "Let nothing be done through strife or vain glory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves."
    THERE is the secret to a good marriage ~ or any worthwhile relationship.