Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dispelling Darkness

The roofer threw in a tube skylight into our great room for free. We waited in hovering anticipation for the shimmering blast of natural light into a room that is always dark, with just one window and the glass screen door to let in God's less expensive lighting.

I looked at the small tube, about 12 inch diameter that was supposed to flood our huge dark room with the glow of sunshine.
"This little thing will light up our room?" I asked dubiously.
I was assured that small things can often do impossibly big tasks. Remember David and Goliath, the tiny acorn and the mighty oak, our VISA card.

The roofers were only supposed to be here one day. The day stretched into a week, and no one spoke English so it was hard to assess what the hold up was. The skylight tube sat woefully on the porch. I smiled in Spanish at the roofers and pointed at the tube.
"Manana!" they promised.
But you know the song, Manana Never Comes.
But finally, manana did arrive and the tube was hoisted into the attic. There was a great deal of Spanish from the many workmen, and grunting and groaning and Asherel, who speaks a little Spanish thought she understood, "What are you doing!!??" There were some words she did not understand, for which I am probably grateful.

Finally it was done. We all gathered under the much anticipated sky tube. A blue glowing circle was in our ceiling. No light came out of it to reach our dark and shadowy room, but the circle of blue was surreal and artistic. It was late afternoon, so perhaps the brighter midday sun would make a difference.

This morning I hurried out to the great room, wearing sunglasses to shield my eyes from the expected blazing rays of morning sun that would be tumulting into the room. The room was dark, but the eerie blue circle glowed in the ceiling, like a UFO.

Arvo came out and we both looked up at the blue disc.
"This isn't quite what I hoped for," he admitted.
"I kind of like it, though," I said, "It's pretty....like ceiling art."

So often our expectations far outshadow our reality. We think our new gadget will light the dark corners of our life, bring radiance to dismal shadows of our dwelling, illuminate our stumbling progress on murky paths......
But of course it never does. Sometimes it brings momentary delight, or the illusion of light, but only God dispels the darkness permanently.

2 Samuel 22:29 (New International Version)

29 You are my lamp, O LORD;
the LORD turns my darkness into light.


  1. The tube is not done right. Have them come back and fix it. This time, your disaster alert seems to be negligent.

  2. BTW - I like this post's non-art....