Saturday, August 14, 2010

One can be too relaxed

The ring crew waved frantically at me and pointed to the heavy sleeping man near me in the stands.
"Is that Starr's owner?" she asked.
I shrugged.
"Can you ask him?" she implored, "He's up in three dogs."
Oh goody. Wake up a strange large man I don't know to find out if he owns a dog named Starr.
She looked so beseechingly at
me that I mustered all my panache and gently shook the man. He didn't move a muscle, certainly none controlling his eyelids.
I shook him a little more vigorously. The ring crew watched me anxiously. Not only was the man not rousing in the slightest, but by now I was pretty sure he was dead.

I looked at the ring crew and shook my head.
"He's not waking up and in fact I think this might be a stress induced coma."
The man snored.
" Shake him harder!" begged the ring crew.
Reluctantly, I did so and with a lurch, he straightened in his seat.
"Is your dog Starr?" I asked, "cause I can see how worried you are about your impending class and...."
"Starr is up in 2 dogs!" shouted the ring crew.
The man bolted to his feet and raced down to the ring just in time.
Over and over at this agility trial, I have had the opportunity to observe the striking disparity in people's temperment. I am not even running a dog- I am just watching my daughter run a dog, yet I was up all night, unable to sleep with the anticipation.

In contrast,I bet anything Starr's owner had no trouble catching every one of his Z's last night. Personally I think he carries the concept of relaxation a bit far, but I am speaking from the other end of the bell curve.

As always, I marvel at the diversity of God's creation. We come in every size, every color, every shape, and every opinion on the best way to waste someone else's money. It can't be a mistake that everyone is not just like me, much as I might feel certain my world would run smoother were that the case.

I love the verse "Where 2 or more are gathered in my name, there I will be.". We know of course that Jesus said this with a smirk, knowing how rare
it is for 2 or more to gather and agree on anything.
But there is one thing that me, the trial judge, Starr's relaxed owner, and the AKC all agree on. Honeybun indisputedly qualified in her jumpers class
thereby earning the third leg
of her first official AKC title. And she did more than qualify- she won first place in the biggest class she has ever been in.
I say this with all the humility it inspires in me.

If we can all agree on that momentous event, surely we can agree that the Lord who empowered us to rescue and save her when she was a starving, dying dog, the Lord who made some of us anxious and some of us calm and then threw us all together, is a Lord worthy of our praise.

( and all God's people .... Or at least 2 of us say, "Amen!")

Luke 12:8
"I tell you, whoever acknowledges me before men, the Son of Man will also acknowledge him before the angels of God.

- Nothing is impossible with God


  1. This story made me laugh so hard.By the way this is Patricia Mey from the dog show.This story is cute I love your blog it is funny and I can relate to you.I dont sleep to well when there is a show coming up and i get really nervous when I'm running in the ring.I wanted to know if you had to pay to have this blog.I would love to start my own blog on juinor handling.I think that might help get the word out.Well I will try to read your blog everynight.

  2. nope, the blog is free! My mission is to write every day and there is always something to write about- I see God everywhere. A junior handling blog would be fantastic!

  3. Congratulations to you and Asherel ~ and Honeybun!