Saturday, August 7, 2010

In the presence of love

As we drove north, Pickles stretched his long snout and elephant ears over the cup holder console between the two front seats. He didn't seem at all concerned that he had been plunked in a car with two total strangers and then been driven for 5 hours. He didn't seem disturbed by the persistent ( but blessedly, miraculously) low pitched hum of the kayaks cutting through the wind atop the car. He was content to chew a snack now and then and let us scritch his ears. Wherever we were taking him and whoever we were was just fine with him. When we stopped to walk him, he plunked his long low bassett body to the ground and gratefully wagged his tail.

Meanwhile, the tiny little fur ball pups slept curled together in their crate the whole way. They attacked their food voraciously at the break stop, and then resumed sleeping.

No kayaks fell off the roof thereby no innocent motorists were incapacitated or left with no recourse but to sue us.

We got the dogs safely to the wonderful volunteer who would drive them the last few hours to the rescue that hoped to find homes for them all.

I pet Pickles goodbye as he settled contentedly into the new stranger's seat. He looked up at me with his hazel eyes filled with trust that all people were worthy of love and he was happy to be with any of them.
"Oh Lord, I pray that trust and affable good nature is rewarded," I thought as I headed back south to unpack the vanload of furniture for my boy. I felt like I had spent the day in the presence of pure love.
Psalm 61:7
May he be enthroned in God's presence forever; appoint your love and faithfulness to protect him.

- Nothing is impossible with God

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