Monday, August 30, 2010

Let the Buyer Beware

The honeymoon confirmation papers came to me, and I read them over to be sure that all is as I'd arranged. The first paragraph assures me that the resort is situated on the finest beach in Cancun, with the happy couple guaranteed glorious moonlight dancing on the water as they sip Tequila on their private balcony. All the food and drink they care to consume is at their beck and call, as well as scuba lessons, heated pools, private jacuzzi, and a special honeymoon candlelight dinner. I am sorely tempted to ditch the happy couple and just go myself.

Then one arrives at paragraph two.
It is highly advisable the happy couple drinks bottled water only. This is because the happy couple may prefer to spend their time somewhere other than in the bathroom expelling the poison that Mexican water harbors.

In addition, the happy couple is forewarned that most of Cancun citizens are "severely impoverished". They are advised to wipe the remnants of lobster tail butter dripping off their mouth and chin before leaving the grounds of the resort. Furthermore, unlike typical American hotels, some Mexican resorts do not provide what we may consider basics, like toilet paper. This behooves the happy couple to pay strict attention to warning number one, about not drinking the water. And my favorite one- "As travel security restrictions tighten"..... excuse me? Why are travel security restrictions tightening? I don't recall being warned about this while booking the very safe resort in Cancun.

There are often dangers wrapped in nice packages. Have you ever watched the medicine commercials on TV? The benefits of the newfangled drugs are mentioned in the first ten seconds, and then for the next 3 minutes, a speed talker enumerates the 5,000 risks associated with taking the medicine, always ending in the unlikely but real possibility of death.

The Bible is a book of hope. We are reminded that our lives should not be spent in fear and that we should seize hold of the One who has overcome death, and if we place our faith and trust in Him, we will have eternal life. This is comforting.... but even God throws in a caveat, a warning, a list of side effects of living that we should be cognizant of. The enemy prowls around like a lion, waiting to devour us. This would be bad enough, but he doesn't present himself as a lion. He presents himself as a harmless kitty cat. His greatest danger is that you don't think you are in danger.

Like last night..... I wanted to watch the Emmy awards because I wanted some dress ideas for the wedding. And I like Jimmy Fallon, who was hosting. Asherel and I settled down to watch, and pretty soon the sexual jokes, and disgusting clips from disgusting shows were bulleting across the screen like flak. People think this is entertainment? This is sick sick sick, I thought. We turned it off, though Jimmy Fallon was trying to keep it above the cesspool level. But I know millions of people watch that sewerage and consider it healthy fare, don't think the insidious danger of such mind pollution is harmful.

Try not watching TV for a year or two, and then turn it on. The moral filth of it is shocking unless you are fed a little of it every day, and come to think this is the way it should be. ick.

But I did get some good dress ideas about what not to wear, and that is sometimes of great value. Meanwhile, I forwarded the honeymoon info sheet on to my beloved son and fiancee.
I highlighted the section that said calls to the United States are free from the resort. And for a wedding gift, I will get them a case of bottled water and toilet paper.

Matthew 7:15 (NIV)
"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

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