Thursday, April 6, 2017

Appointed to His Service

Some of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I was glued to the eagle cam of a baby eaglet born in south Florida. I always had a split screen open on my computer so I could watch the egg hatch and then track the eaglet's growth. I saw all his milestones of eagle development reached with almost the same joy as when my kids were growing up. When I saw him first fly from his nest, I wept.

It was easy to parallel the selfless devotion of the eaglet's family with the necessary conditions for healthy human families. Many times as I went to my volunteer work on the sidewalks of the abortion center, I thought of the mother eagle and how she always fed her baby before she fed herself, and covered him with her wings in the rare snowfall and frequent rains, and how the father hunted and provided, and protected his little family. How had human nature become so corrupted as to believe a mother could and should kill her baby in difficult circumstances, often coerced by the father?

My consuming interest in the eagles launched a new plot line in my head for my Unlikely Friends series, and the third book took flight. (Nice metaphor here given the subject, don't you think?)

Lately, I have counseled a lot of women who chose life with many dire needs. Some weeks, I was putting in a full work week trying to help link them with the resources they needed. It was hard to find time to work on my eagle book. I was overjoyed when Love-Life Charlotte, a partner ministry, called to tell me they had many people trained and ready to take over as the mentors, friends, and spiritual/material resources for the women we counsel. A huge load was removed from the shoulders of we sidewalk counselors!

And guess what? I finished the eagle book, and the eaglet who I watched hatch is now ready to leave the nest for good.

My third book in the Unlikely Friends Series is live on Amazon, newly released yesterday. To purchase, click HERE.  It is a series that deals with deep issues of faith, forgiveness, and overcoming adversity. The stories unfold in a humorous, unlikely plot set on the banks of the Suwannee River. A runaway teen makes her home in a rundown trailer and is befriended by a  misfit dog, horse, dolphins, and eagles. At its heart, as in all my stories, it is about the love of God. This particular book also focuses on the love of a mother and her daughter wading through great struggle.

It is best to read in order, but the books are written so they can stand alone. However, the e-books are all  $2.99. This is a deal. I would suggest you just break the piggy bank, pull out a $10, and get all three books. I keep my prices low on e-books so anyone can read them. The print books will take a few more days, but will also be available soon at Amazon.

The first in the series can be found HERE. 

My goal in all my books is to tell a great story that will bring the reader through a range of emotions, inspire them, and glorify God...

...Also, if possible, allow me to earn a living...

For the latest book, I had a wonderful time researching and learning about Bald Eagles. With the wild plot that led my heroine into the world of eagle rehabilitation, I had to learn about a subject I knew nothing about. Besides watching the eagle nest cam every day, I had the incredibly kind assistance of a chief rehab worker at Carolina's Raptor Center who gave me a crash course in saving eagles.

It is a little startling how many parallels I saw with my book and the conflicted moms at the abortion center.

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But this is more important: Cities4Life is an enormously successful sidewalk ministry on the front-lines of the abortion battle...and we need help. There are a few days in the week when only one or two counselors are consistently there to intercede for the babies who have no one else speaking for them. Would you commit to come shadow me or another of our veteran counselors and prayerfully consider giving one morning a week, or even a month, to join us on the sidewalks? You can click HERE for information, or email me at

1 Timothy 1:12

I thank him who has given me strength, Christ Jesus our Lord, because he judged me faithful, appointing me to his service

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