Friday, April 7, 2017

Half the Battle is Showing Up

This is a baby rescued from abortion through the intercession of Cities4Life counselors. My new book is titled Unlikely Rescue, though it is about the rescue of a baby eagle. There are many parallels in that story and the story of abortion-minded mothers who choose life.

My new book went up to #7 yesterday and became the top hot new release in its category. I was happy to see that and hopeful that it will be an inspiration to many. There is a strong Christian message throughout the story. My desire is always that my books will help others. If interested, click HERE.

However, I won't have much time to market the new book today. Off to the abortion center sidewalks this morning to speak for the unborn. It will probably be very busy because the center was closed for half the day yesterday. We heard the abortionist had an emergency and the center didn't reopen till late afternoon.

The wonderful good news was two women chose life because Cities4ALife counselors were available, even though the center was closed! If those counselors and our mobile ultrasound RV hadn't been there, two babies might have been scheduled for death today when the center reopens.

I love the fact that the faithful counselors stood outside the closed abortion center in case women arrived who didn't know it was closed. Women did, and two of them chose life. How awesome is that? Those counselors were obedient to God's call to be there not knowing if a single person would arrive for them to speak to.  Through their presence, lives were saved! Just showing up is half the battle in life. When we show up, God can use us.

Please show up. We need you. I understand how intimidating the idea of speaking to women at an abortion center is...I have not forgotten my early days when I began in this ministry. We have found that it is helpful and easier on new volunteers to shadow those of us who have been doing this for a while. We would love to have you contact us to see how God can use you to save lives. Please e-mail me at .

Meanwhile, the democrats in NC General Assembly pulled this stunt...proposed a bill that will allow abortions in NC all the way to 40 weeks on demand. This is a photo of a 40 week baby in the womb.

40-week baby in utero-- ok to kill according to some NC House Democrats

 Please make your outrage heard:

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control


  1. Fortunately for the babies this Bill was filed by the radical Liberal-Progressives Democrats and will never even be heard in Committee.

  2. The fact that ANYONE would consider this moral or acceptable is horrifying to me.