Saturday, June 17, 2017

Another Miracle for a Family That Chose Life Over Abortion

I spent the entire day looking for housing for the vulnerable new married couple
who chose life for their unborn child. Cities4life and its network has been helping them with many issues including the search for a used van and an apartment.

One donor bought them a bible which I picked up along with food and gas gift cards to deliver to them. While J had accepted Jesus as Lord, her new husband had not been there during our gospel presentation. I never let an opportunity to share the gospel pass me by, so when I handed him the new Bible, I seized the moment.

J sat beside us, nodding and smiling and answering some of my questions with assurance. Her husband was very worried as we talked about sin, the penalty for sin, and the impossible ability of humans to ever be good enough for heaven. We cannot earn our way there.

He looked so worried that I wanted to speed on to the good news, but one cannot impress on folks enough the fallen nature of humankind and the seriousness of our sin. To gloss over how much Jesus suffered for our sin waters down the power of His love. It cannot be minimized.

Finally, I said, "But God has a solution to the problem of sin. Do you want to hear what it is?"

"Yes ma'am. "

I shared the incredible truth of Jesus paying the penalty for our sin, dying a gruesome death on our behalf, and then overcoming death once and for all in the Resurrection. The young man smiled so sweetly, that I KNEW he understood and agreed. His bride was beaming.

"Have you ever asked Jesus to be Lord of your life?" I asked.
"No ma'am."
"Would you like to right now?"
"Yes ma'am."

J took her husband's hand  and we all prayed. The sweet young man asked Jesus to be Lord in his own humble words, and I noticed later he wiped away tears. His wife hugged him.

"Promise me you will pray each night with your family," I urged.
"I will, ma'am."

I am off now for a week of kayaking with dolphins. Please pray for this beautiful young couple. And if you live in the Charlotte area and are a landlord, consider helping our ministry by providing them with an apartment. Their small car is on its last leg and they could really use a van. Please contact me at

While they have never asked for anything, I asked them if they needed things for the other children since one supporter asked for a list. That list is below if you would like to help:

9 year old girl needs shirts junior small, bottoms 5 in juniors, sportsbras xl kids or small junior, panties 5 juniors or small, socks medium, pajamas small in junior, shoes 7.5 woman, & want tablet. 

7 year old boy needs,shirts & bottoms size 7-8 in boys, pajamas7-8, socks medium, boxers size small in boys ,shoes size 4 in kids , want tablet. 

2 year old boy needs shirts & bottoms size 4T pajamas size 4T & socks & shoes size 10 in kids, & car booster seat

We are praying for miracles. We have witnessed so many, that we are confident these needs will be met.

Philippians 4:4

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.


  1. let us know where items can be dropped off..have a lot for the 2 yr old grandson has just grown out of all his sz 4's and he has lots of toys to share!....will get more shortly for the others...

    1. Clothes items can be dropped off at the Cities4Life office
      Mailing Address:
      8410 Pit Stop Court, Ste 142
      Concord, NC 28027