Thursday, June 15, 2017

God Gave Me $20...But I Gave it Back

I pulled up to the ATM with a huge check from an incredible family who told me to "help the mamas." She read my recent blog about the desperate woman who chose life over abortion, and proclaimed Jesus as Lord as well...and she wanted to help.

I put my card in the ATM, and before I even entered my PIN code, the machine spit out $20.

I was overjoyed. I didn't think about the person to whom that $20 rightfully belonged. I just thought about how grateful I was to have a malfunctioning machine give me $20. I happened to be texting with our Cities4Life director, Daniel, at the time.

"Guess what!!!???" I said, "The ATM machine just spit out $20 before I even did anything! Do you think God is giving me $20???"

"Maybe...or the devil is tempting you to take money that isn't yours," Daniel said.


I slinked into the bank and waited in line for quite some time. When I reached the teller, I told her, "I have $20 that isn't mine that your ATM gave me."


The entire line of customers and tellers stared at me.

"Lucky you," said the teller finally.

"Well yes...but it isn't my money," I admitted through gritted teeth. (Curse you, Daniel....)

"Thank you for your honesty," she said.

She spent some time typing and searching, and then somewhat sadly informed me she thought they could determine who the $20 belonged to.  I sighed, and took the $20 out of my wallet. Easy come, easy go.

You know something? I left the bank $20 poorer, but my spirit soared. Every little defeat of Satan makes the sound of angels in heaven rejoicing just a little more real.
Speaking of defeating Satan, many have asked about the homeless mom who chose life, Jesus, and marriage. We are still counseling and trying to pull together the best situation for her. Please pray God gives us wisdom and discernment.
Proverbs 10:2
Treasures gained by wickedness do not profit, but righteousness delivers from death.

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