Sunday, June 11, 2017

Teaching Teens How to Have Fun Sex...on the Taxpayers' Dime in Reading School District

20 week old fetus, fair game for Abortion

Reading Schools Board of Directors are voting soon on having Planned Parenthood set up shop INSIDE their high schools. While the illegality of this I hope will be challenged,  the immorality and sheer wickedness of such a proposal horrifies me. Below is the list of the school board directors email addresses as well as the letter I sent to them. Please take the time to flood their mailboxes. If it is happening there folks, it will be happening here soon. Take a stand.
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Dear Board of Directors,
I was horrified to hear of your plans to allow Planned Parenthood to open shop in your high schools. While I am sure this is under the guise of protecting our youth, I assure you that it will have the opposite effect. I have worked for several years as a pro-life sidewalk counselor at an abortion center (the busiest in the Southeast). I see first-hand the devastating effects upon young people who have been given the message that sex outside of marriage is inevitable and abortion is a great option when birth control fails.

I see the women streaming out of the abortion center in tears. I work with post-abortive moms, some suicidal, some struggling with depression, nightmares, self-hatred, and substance abuse as a result of the abortion. I also work with the moms who choose life who learn to care for something more important than self. I see women who understand at a life-changing level the sanctity of human life, the importance of self control and self responsibility, and the truth that all our rights are predicated on a deep reverence for the sacred value of human life at all stages of development.

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with some of the literature put out by PP. For example, Healthy, Happy, and Hot for HIV youth has the following passage:

Sex can feel great and can be really fun! Many
people think sex is just about vaginal or anal
intercourse... But, there are lots of different ways
to have sex and lots of different types of sex. Sex
can include kissing, touching, licking, tickling,
sucking, and cuddling. Some people like to have
aggressive sex, while others like to have soft and
slow sex with their partners. There is no right or
wrong way to have sex. Just have fun, explore
and be yourself!

Let me ask you, as parents, let alone as leaders, is this REALLY what you want your children learning in school? Is this really the foundation you want fully supported and accessible to these developing teens in your schools? Is this truly the role of public education?

Planned parenthood brings in massive amounts of money through abortions, and I am sure you have seen the horrific undercover videos of their illegal and callous treatment of human babies. There are many low-cost alternatives to Planned Parenthood, who unlike PP, provide comprehensive health care for women (including mammograms which PP does not provide.) The vast bulk of PP’s business is abortion.

Bringing Planned Parenthood into public schools sends a clear message to vulnerable teens. Sex outside of marriage is inevitable and even glorified. The public education system will help insure that it is easier to do so without obvious consequences, and even more disturbing, with the taxpayers’ support and dime!

In its wake will be deluded teens who treat the baby in the womb as a parasite or disease, and its destruction as acceptable and even applauded by those trusted to guide them to moral, intelligent, and society-enhancing choices. Please deeply ponder whether this is the role or the message our public educators wish to impart to those entrusted to them.

I beg you to reconsider any thought of perpetuating the lies that abortion solves problems, is a morally neutral choice, or that Planned Parenthood has any place in a publicly funded institution.

Vicky Kaseorg
Volunteer Coordinator Citiies4Life

...I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore, choose life, that you and your offspring may live.
Deuteronomy 30:19


  1. Which Reading school district is this? What state? There are several.