Friday, June 2, 2017

The Bad News and the Good News

Multi-million dollar art work by author, Vicky Kaseorg
The bad news is that my Surface Pro 4 was in the shop (again) and had to have a factory reset. That meant I lost all my apps and had to reinstall everything. (Not my forte.)

The good news is that there were tutorials on all the programs I have used for years, and I realized I haven't even BEGUN to explore their potential. Like LOOK at the fun art I created playing around with things I didn't even know were possible on my art program. I think this is a multi-million dollar creative work, don't you? Send me a check and it is yours.

There is ALWAYS good news...but it is also almost always accompanied by bad news. Have you ever noticed that?

For example, yesterday at the abortion center sidewalks where our Cities4Life team speaks for the unborn who cannot speak for themselves, a car stopped for me. It was a young couple, and they seemed so eager to talk to me that I was sure a baby was about to be saved from the atrocity of abortion.

It turns out, they were not coming to the abortion center. They were driving around looking for the FedEx truck that had hit their car yesterday, causing damage and injury. They had the license plate number but apparently were getting the run-around from FedEx. I gave them some advice, and they noticed the pro-life literature in my hand. I discovered they themselves were pro-life, and loved Jesus. They asked if they could have our literature for them to share with friends. MANY of their friends were pregnant and abortion minded!

So their bad news turned into my good news. I gave them our pamphlet and urged them to have their friends call me. We would help them, I promised.

Here is an even BETTER example of good news following bad news.

First the bad news: we are all sinners completely unable to leave our sin behind and live a righteous life consistently. The penalty for sin, any sin, is death. We are doomed.

BUT the good news is we have a way out. God sent Jesus as a willing sacrifice to pay the penalty for our sin and take the punishment that we deserved. His job was excruciatingly hard. Ours is simple. Accept what He did on our behalf, and follow Him from this moment forward.

As I often say over the microphone at the abortion center sidewalks, all of us struggle to find satisfaction in earthly pursuits, and we will always be disappointed. We will never be satisfied trying to fill that God-hole in our heart with the transient pleasures of the world. All of us know that silent despair: there must be more to life than this.

There is. There is God. He is who we were created by and for. Turn to Him and embrace the good news that we can live in a holy relationship with Him for all eternity.
The bad news is 30-50 women flock to our busy abortion center every day to take the life of their own babies. The good news is many are conflicted and their hearts can be turned to their babies and even to God. The bad news is there are never enough workers, willing volunteers to help on the sidewalks. The good news is God is calling you.
NOW, call me for training and info:
Or just show up. Be a voice for the voiceless. Share the good news with a desperate group of people who sorely need it. My team and I will be there today, 9:15-1.

Romans 10:15

And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”

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