Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I Never Saw Myself Doing THIS...But Here I Am

Tom and Carolyn - a two for one deal volunteering with Cities4Life
Tom and Carolyn normally volunteer on Saturdays at the abortion center sidewalks, but show up now and then on weekdays. Last Friday, they drove up and the first thing they said to me was, "Where do you want us?"

This typifies their servant spirit. They want to be used however they would be best used, no matter what that entails. Since there was no one at the 'station' up the street a bit, I asked if they would mind covering that area. They said sure, and off they went. 

I have found that God sometimes wants to send us in totally unexpected ways during our ministry time out there. Following Carolyn's testimony below is a description of such a surprise journey God sent me on.

Meanwhile, Carolyn and Tom waited at their station for whatever divine encounter God had in store for them. Soon, a car stopped near them, Carolyn spoke with the woman, and led her into our RV with the mobile ultrasound unit. The woman chose life for her baby. Praise God for servant hearts! Carolyn describes below what led Tom and her to the sidewalks of the abortion center.

We have been part of the Saturday team for a number of years now.  Tom began coming to the Latrobe clinic sometime in 2010, and I (Carolyn) joined with the ministry about 3 years later.

Abortion is a tragedy for everyone involved.  It destroys a precious life that God has created, and brings tremendous guilt and regret to the mother.

Still, taking a public stand for life in this context was something I NEVER saw myself doing.  I certainly could not see myself speaking on the microphone, but God saw things differently.  One Saturday morning I agreed to go along with Tom and have been going ever since.  That was five years ago.

When God’s people meet in front of the clinic, the presence of the Lord is there! Six days each week, people pray, proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and intercede on behalf of these innocent baby boys and girls.

We believe that mothers and children are precious, and that God desires to love, protect and guide every one of them.  God has a plan for each child - no matter what their circumstances.  He can take what appears to be a hardship and turn it into a wonderful blessing.

While serving the Lord here, we have been introduced to some of the best Christians we know.  It has truly been a blessing to serve alongside them.  

We pray that the Lord will bring an end to this terrible practice, and that righteousness and love will again be restored in our nation.
Carolyn is so right in saying abortion is a tragedy for everyone involved. Yesterday, I was at the abortion center handing out literature for the post-abortive women. Many ignored us, but one woman left the center and walked right up to me. She was on her way to the bus station up the street.

"Did you change your mind?" I asked her.
"No," she said sadly, "I had the abortion last week. Remember me?"
I suddenly realized she was a woman I had counseled car-side who, in the end, went into the center. 
"Yes," I said, "May I walk with you?"
She nodded, and we headed up the street. I knew she was walking to the bus stop which meant I had a good 20 minutes to talk with her. She told me she was still testing positive for pregnancy, and could feel the baby move. She said she was suicidal. "What if the baby is born with all kinds of disabilities because I took the abortion pill and it didn't work??? I can still feel it moving!"
I asked how far along she was. Maybe 8 weeks. I assured her that even if the baby were still alive, she would not feel it moving at that age. I also told her that if she was still pregnant, we would help her.
"If I'm still pregnant, I'm going to kill myself. Some people just say that. I mean it."

Lord, give me words...your words.

She believed in God but was very angry at Him. She didn't understand how a good God could cause so much suffering in her life. She ranted against injustice. That was the perfect opening to talk about why God MUST be just, and sin MUST be punished or He would not be just. As we walked and talked about the choices she had made that had moved her away from God rather than the other way around, she quieted and listened. I shared the joy of the Gospel, including the truth that our bodies are described as the temple of God, and we should do nothing to harm our bodies, including of course suicide! She was a very troubled, sad woman, but I think there was a wisp of hope in her eyes.

By the time we were almost to the bus stop, we stood in the middle of the sidewalk and she told me she had learned a great deal from the sorrow of abortion. She had learned she should not have sex outside of marriage, and she should not have aborted, and she did not intend to do either ever again.

"That is repentance," I said, "When you recognize your sin and are sorry for it, and turn from it. That is the first step towards returning to God." In the middle of the sidewalk, she prayed with me to ask Jesus into her life, to be her Lord, and to lead her from this moment forward. She promised me she would not abort if the baby were still alive, and would come to us for help. She took my name and number, but would not give me hers. I believe God can and does work miracles. This poor woman desperately needs one.

Carolyn is right. Abortion is a tragedy for everyone involved.
Please help us. So many lives are devastated by abortion. For information about volunteering with Cities4Life, click HERE.

Hebrews 4:15   

For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.

Philippians 2:13   

For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.

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  1. I love Carolyn and Tom! Beautiful saints of God on His mission. Your encounter with the post-abortive, suicidal woman was divinely ordained. May God water and fertilize all the seed you have sown. Blessings to you! Sheryl Chandler