Saturday, August 5, 2017

Redemption From the Past Saves a Baby Today

Kelly, our brand new volunteer who helped save a life yesterday

There were five women who chose life yesterday on the sidewalks  of the busiest abortion center in the Southeast. It is a wonderful day when even one baby is saved but five had us all pirouetting like ballerinas. (Not really, but you get the idea about the level of rejoicing.)

One of them was heaven-sent to a particular volunteer I spotlight today. Kelly is a brand new volunteer, and has a special heart for women trapped in sex trafficking  and drug addictions. Her own story is heartbreaking, and led to this passion. I will let her share that story in her own words in a moment. What might have destroyed many people instead motivated Kelly to help others.

Yesterday, we had several volunteers on the sidewalk. While I was speaking on the microphone, all of them were busy elsewhere and did not notice a car pulling out of the abortion center. I couldn’t drop the microphone and I couldn’t reach the car in time. I noticed Kelly standing near me. I normally do not send a brand new volunteer alone to counsel car-side but there was no one else nearby. So I gave Kelly a little shove,  a kind-hearted, gentle one that sent her well on her way to the car. (She is a tiny little thing. I didn't shove her as hard as it appeared.) 

“Kelly, quick, go talk to that woman!” I cried. 

A divine encounter ensued. Kelly was overcome with sorrow upon learning the woman’s tragic story which involved problems with addictions and fears that the child she carried would be damaged. With tears dribbling down her cheeks, Kelly relayed the story of her life briefly which included her own mother's addictions and fears that caused her to wish she wasn't pregnant. Kelly was born perfectly healthy, and her life became a testament to the redemptive work of Christ in both her life and her mother's life. 

Now, she urged the woman to go on our RV and see her baby on the ultrasound. The grieving woman agreed. When she saw her vigorous baby doing flips on the ultrasound, her heart melted. She said that for the first time in years she felt a lifting of the sorrow that had led her to addictions in the first place.

Later, she told the ultrasound nurse that when Kelly had stopped her car and had cried for the baby that she didn’t even know, "I knew I owed her a minute to speak." Kelly spoke, making her case for saving the baby's life. 

Sometimes it is with our heart-felt tears and grief that the hearts of abortion minded mothers are thawed. The woman chose life and her baby was saved by the empathy of a brand new volunteer. Little did Kelly know that morning as she rushed to the sidewalks that God would use her unique and sorrowful story to save a tiny baby.

Now Kelly will share her story in her own words.     
I was born to parents who were drug dealers in Massachusetts. They both were addicted to heroin by the time my mother became pregnant with me. My father was in prison when I was born and my sister and I were shuffled amongst our relatives.

I lost contact with my mother after my sister and I were adopted and I grew up in a very abusive home. When I was sixteen I prayed that Jesus would rescue me from the place of pain I was in and He did! And He adopted me as own and I know I will never be alone. All the times when I felt overwhelmed and devastated I still knew God had a plan for my life. 

I am starting my third semester of college and share my story with many victims of human trafficking. I've also reconnected with my mom and she loves to tell me over and over how I am the best thing she has ever done in her life! She has been heroin free for almost 20 years and her kids have given her the motivation to keep going. It's amazing how often when you choose life for a baby that baby often saves lives too!!! 

I love going out with Cities4Life because I am so thankful for the privilege of being a vessel of Gods love! I love being a living testimony of how mighty He is to save! I also love sharing with these women it doesn't matter the choices you've made in your past; God has you here for a purpose and God has created your baby for a purpose!
Please join Kelly and our other incredible volunteers. Info and volunteer form, click HERE.

Isaiah 40:29 

He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength.

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